In History, students work with written, oral, visual, and material evidence to understand the lives and thoughts of women, men, and communities of the past in their full complexity. With our faculty, students can pursue the history of places and peoples around the globe in courses dedicated to a rich variety of topics and periods.

Can I major in it? Yes, there is a History Major.

Topics explored: Students have opportunities to investigate all aspects of human life, thought, and social organization in our courses. Religion, politics, social movements, art and cultural practices, environmental change, public health, and the history of ideas are just a few of the topics available. Public History and Civic Engagement participation opportunities are also available.

How to get started: The Department offers A & I seminars (History 100) each Fall, and our 100-level courses are excellent places to gain knowledge of a region or time period. More advanced 200-level courses are also open to first-year students. Please contact our faculty members if you have any questions about their course offerings. Another recommendation for first-year students is to contact our enthusiastic Senior History Major Student Departmental Advisers (SDAs). The SDAs can tell you more about History department events, courses, and the faculty.

Here are some of our History faculty’s welcome videos!

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