In addition to the Department’s established fields, History majors can choose to pursue a major primary field designed around a theme or problem.

Consisting of at least four courses, the thematic field must draw these courses from at least two distinct regions and periods and must also involve more than a single professor.

Majors interested in designing a thematic primary field should:

  1. Speak with their major advisor as soon as possible and discuss their interests and relevant coursework.
  2. Develop a written plan for completing this field, including an articulate rationale for the focus and a list of all courses that will be categorized as pertinent to the thematic major field. If this list includes courses from other departments, they should confirm with the History department that the courses are eligible to be counted towards the History major. In this proposal, they should also note their two subfields. It is not possible to design a thematic subfield.
  3. Once the plan is approved by the History department adviser and the Chair of the department, one copy needs to be filed in the History Office and a second copy with the Transcript Coordinator in the Registar’s Office, to maintain an accurate course audit.

Note: This plan does not preclude the student, in consultation with her/his advisor, from modifying the selections to take advantage of unexpected offerings or to adjust to unexpected faculty leaves or course changes.

Majors should normally submit their field proposal for departmental approval no later than spring of their junior year.