Do first-year seminars (History 100s) count towards fields?

Yes, first-year seminars count towards fields.

Do AP/IB courses count towards fields?

Yes. Please visit our Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate page to learn more.

What courses from other academic departments may count toward fields?

Many do! Please consult with the Chair if you have questions about any courses offered by historians in other departments you would like to apply toward one of your History fields.

Do the History 298 and History 398/400 count toward the total number of required credits?

Yes, but they are not applied to specific fields.

Do pass/fail courses count toward the major?

No, only graded courses in which a grade of C- or above is received count toward major credit.

What if I receive a grade below C-?

Although grades below C- are not counted toward History major credit, a “D” grade will count toward your overall 210 college credits needed to graduate.

Can I count a course in more than one field?

No course counts in more than one field at a time, but you can change your field choices at any time by contacting your adviser, the Chair, or the administrative assistant in the History office.

How do I design a Thematic Major?