You may already have been to the Career Center to set up a reference file, Carleton College Career Center, (507) 222-4293, which could include letters of recommendation from some of us in the Department. If you have not established such a file yet, please do it. You will need references for job or graduate/professional school applications and the sooner you build your recommendations file, the better, as memories of your activities do begin to fade, despite all of our best intentions.

You will help the History faculty and enhance the quality of your letters of recommendation if you furnish us with as much information about your academic record and activities at Carleton as possible. Faculty are always happy to speak with you about your plans!

To make your response easier the History faculty have listed a number of key questions below–send your responses to Mieux in the Department Office. Your comments are confidential and made available ONLY to the faculty you request in the Department.

NOTE: After graduation you may want to occasionally update your file. Please send any new responses to the following questions (and/or an updated résumé) to:

Mieux Williamsen
History Department
Carleton College
One North College Street
Northfield, MN 55057

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