Carl D. Weiner

William H. Laird Professor of History and the Liberal Arts, emeritus, Carleton History department faculty, 1964-2004. Professor Weiner completed his undergraduate education at Queens College, earning a bachelor of arts. He then attended Columbia University and was awarded a master of arts in History. Following two years of additional graduate work at the University of Wisconsin he taught at the University of Pittsburgh for a year before coming to Carleton. He taught senior seminars in the history of Marxism, Nineteenth-Century Paris and War, State and Society,” and many surveys and seminars in Early Modern Europe. He also led a Paris Seminar that focused on Parisian history. His interests include Early Modern and Modern Europe, agrarian (history of food, particularly bread and wine), urban history, especially Paris, and the history of bandits and outlaws.

Currently, Carl is working on The Esternay Project and Archive, an online historical archive of nineteenth-century letters available for students, teachers, and researchers. Currently, this archive contains 883 transcribed letters with 356 scanned originals and 185 English translations (more letters are continually being added to the site), all revolving around the Poirrier family and their notarial clientele in the rural town of Esternay, France (about 100 km from Paris).


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Ruth and Carl Weiner in the 1970s
Ruth and Carl Weiner in the 1970s
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May 18 2010


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