1875; 1877-81, Clark, John Bates, Professor of Economic history (Amherst B.A., Heidelberg)

1881-82, Williston, Rev. M.L.

1882-83, Wilcox, Mary R. English professor who also taught History department courses.

1883-98, Cooper, Charles H., Professor in American Political Economy, Law, Ancient and Modern History, also served as College Librarian for several years. (Dartmouth: A.B. 1877, A.M. 1880)

1898-1903, Alden, George Henry, Professor of American History, (B.S. Carleton, 1891; A.B. Harvard 1893; Fellow in History, U. Chicago 1893-95; Fellow in History, U. of Wisconsin 1895-96; Ph.D. U. Wisconsin 1896) [Listed in 1901-02 and 1902-03 catalogs, but not as teaching any courses.  Ezra Thayer Towne was Acting History and Political Science Professor both years, listed as offering the courses; Prof Towne was still listed as Acting Professor alone in 1903-04 and 1904-05 catalogs.]

1901-05, Towne, Ezra Thayer, Acting Professor of History and Political Science.

1905-13, Towne, Ezra Thayer, Professor of European History, Economics and Sociology, and Registrar of the College, (U. Wisconsin B.L. 1897, Graduate Dept. U. Wisconsin 1897-99, Principal, Sharon, Wisconsin High School, 1899-1901, University of Berlin 1902-03, U. Halle-Wittenberg Ph.D. 1903). (In 1913-14 he is listed as Professor of Economics only, not History.)

1910-11, Kent, Maurice, (also well-liked athletic coach) Assistant Professor of U.S. History while Dr. Towne was on Sabbatical.

1910-11, Robinson, Edgar, Visiting Instructor of History

1911-12, Hart, Albert Bushnell, Visiting Harvard Exchange Professor of History, winter

1913-17, Thorstenberg, Herman Justus, Professor of American Economic and Social History (Yale Ph.D.) In 1917-18, he taught Economics and Political Science, and is not listed as History, and is no longer listed after 1918.)

1916-22, Pletcher, Nuba M., Assistant Professor of History, Commercial Geography, and Economics (Ph.D. Columbia). Simultaneously taught at Shattuck-St. Mary’s Preparatory School in Faribault, where he taught until 1963. (Absent on leave in government research work in Washington, DC, 1918-19.)

1916-24, Robinson, J. (James) Howard, Innovative Chair of History department – broadened courses to include Latin America, Near and Far East, American, English, and European. Wrote The Development of the British Empire. After eight years moved to Miami University in Ohio, then to Ohio State, and finally, Oberlin, where he retired in the mid 1960s. (Columbia Ph.D.)

1918-19: Course list w/faculty names:  Professor Robinson and Assistant Professor Pletcher.

1919-20: Course list w/faculty names: Professor Robinson, Professor Billings, and Mr. Mueller.

1919-20, Mueller, Henry Richard, Instructor of History (Columbia M.A., History & Political Science)

1919-20, Thomas Henry Billings (Greek History)

1920-21: Course list w/faculty names: Professor Robinson (leave of absence), Miss Louise Irving Capen (Chairman), Professors Billings, Helming, Bryn Jones, and Assistant Professor Pletcher.

1919-22, Helming, Oscar C. Professor of Economic History, taught Industrial and Social History of England and U.S.

1920-21, Capen, Louise Irving, Visiting Instructor and Chairman for one year, Early Modern and Modern European and U.S. History (New York M.A.) Had the honor of being the first American woman to whom a fellowship at the Sorbonne had been offered, and she accepted that award following her teaching at Carleton.

1920-35, Bryn-Jones, David, Professor of History, Economics and Political Science; 1936-1952 Frank B. Kellogg Professor of International Relations (University College, New South Wales, B.Sc. D.D., theology and poltical science). He was a full-time minister as well as a professor. Carleton College awarded him a Doctor of Divinity degree in 1925. Spouse of Marian Adams Bryn-Jones, a Carleton alumna from the class of 1923.

1921-22: Course list w/faculty names: Professor J. Howard Robinson (Chairman), Miss Meta E. Schmudlach, Professors Helming and Bryn Jones.

1921-23, Schmudlach, Meta E., Instructor in History (Ripon A.B., Chicago, M.A.)

1922-23: Course list w/faculty names: Professor J. Howard Robinson (Chairman), Assistant Professor Charles James Ritchey, Miss Schmudlach, Professors Bryn Jones, and Helming.

1923-24: Course list w/faculty names: Professor J. Howard Robinson (Chairman), Assistant Professor Keith Clark, Miss Meta Schmudlach, Professor David Bryn Jones, and Assistant Professor Peter Olesen.

1922-25, Ritchey, Charles James, Assistant Professor of Religious History, Author of Quests for Salvation in New Testament Times, 1922, Chicago, Ill: University of Chicago Libraries. (b.1885-d. 1959) (Chicago, Ph.D.), taught in History department.

1923-41, Clark, Keith, Professor of American, Asian, European, and American Political history (Minnesota B.A., M.A., Columbia Ph.D.)

1923-46, Olesen, Peter, (first taught in the History department, then became a member of the German Department, simultaneously served as Registrar) (Hamline M.A. History and Education).

1924-37, Duniway, Clyde August, Professor of American History and Chair of the Department for thirteen years (Harvard Ph.D., LL.D. Colorado and Denver)

1925-27, Baumann, Frederick L., Visiting Instructor in Medieval History

1926-28, Drummond, George F. Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics and History

1925-26, Ferguson, William Scott, Harvard Exchange Professor, Ancient History

1927-28, Merk, Frederick, Harvard Exchange Professor, Assistant Professor of History

1927-30, Smiley, Charles Newton (Roman History / Classics Department)

1929-31, Deems, Mervin M., Visiting Instructor of Modern European and Religious History

1930-31, Hartzell, Karl D., Visiting Assistant Professor in European History

1931-34, Drinkwater, Geneva, Associate Professor of Medieval History and Dean of Women

1934-60; Deen Pinkham, Lucile Dahl, Professor of Medieval and European History (married Carleton Latin American History Professor Victor E. Pinkham in 1951 and died unexpectedly in 1960), (Carleton B.A. 1925, trained in classes of Dr. Keith Clark)

1935-36, Thomson, Samuel Harrison, Visiting Associate Professor of European History and Director of Admissions

1936, 1937-38, Britt, Dr. Albert, Distinguished Visiting Professor and Lecturer, brought in for a series of special lectures; they are written about in the Carletonian.

1937-62, Pinkham, Victor E., Associate Professor of Latin American History (University of the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, Seabury Divinity School B.D. 1922, Minnesota B.A., M.A. 1931). A native of South Africa, he made particular contributions to the History department in his courses in South America. He also served as rector to All Saints Episcopal Church in Northfield. Spouse of Dr. Lucile Dahl Deen Pinkham, also a member of the Carleton History Department. He died in 1963.

1937-38, Rees, A. Wyn, Visiting Instructor of History and International Relations

1938-46, Russell, Nelson Vance, Professor and Chair, American Political and Diplomatic History

1939-40, Weigle, Richard D., Visiting Instructor in History and International Relations (Yale B.A., M.A., Ph.D.) He went on to serve 31 years as the 18th President of St. John’s College, Baltimore.

1940-41, Matteson, Robert Eliot, Visiting Instructor in Political Science and Public Administration, taught in the History department, Carleton alum 1927

1940-44, McEwen, Robert W., Professor of History of Christianity, taught in the History department

1942-43, Babcock, Mildred, Visiting Instructor American History

1942-43, Dyar, Margaret, Carleton alum 1941, Visiting Instructor of Modern History

1943-44, Mayer, Mr. Leslie G., Visiting Instructor in History and English

1943-44, Ramsay, Hazel G., Visiting Assistant Professor of Medieval History

1943-44, Schwiebert, Dr. Ernest George, Visiting Professor of Religious History, author of Luther & His Times, St. Louis, MO: Concordia Publishing House, 1950

1944, Brundage, Burr C., Visiting American Political History Assistant Professor

1944-47, Lang, Reginald, Assistant Professor in American Diplomacy and Government; 1956-57 returned as Visiting Professor of International Relations on the Frank B. Kellogg Foundation, taught History & IR classes.

1945-46, Weigert, Hans Werner, Visiting Professor of Comparative Government History

1945-86, Jarchow, Merrill E. (Casey), Professor of American History and Associate Dean & Dean of Men (Minnesota B.A., M.A., Ph.D.) In addition to The Earth Brought Forth: A History of Agricultural in Minnesota During the Pioneer Days (1949), and the 1964 Carleton the First Century, Casey Jarchow also created a book of reminiscences, Carleton Remembered 1909-1986, with David Porter, who taught Classics and Music at Carleton 1962-1987 and was Carleton’s president 1986-87 before leaving to become President of Skidmore College 1987-1999.

1946-47, Mazzini Larson, Gloria M., Visiting Instructor, History of the Modern World, Carleton alum 1945

1946-70, Qualey, Carlton Chester, Laird Bell Professor, American History (b. 1904, d. 1988) (St. Olaf B.A., Minnesota M.A., Columbia Ph.D.)

1947-66, Boyd, Catherine Evangeline, Professor of Medieval European, Mediterranean & Asian History (Radcliffe B.A., M.A., Ph.D., further study abroad)

1948-49, Loomis, Richard T., Visiting Instructor of Modern History, Carleton alum 1947

1949-51; 1953-57; 1960-61; 1965-66, Clausen, Marian T., part-time occasional Visiting Assistant Professor of Ancient and Medieval History

1951-52, Kress, Robert A., Visiting Instructor of Medieval History

1954-55, Barnwell, Stephen B., (Carleton alum 1947), Visiting Instructor of Medieval History

1954-55, Spence, Clark C., Visiting Instructor in American History

1957-58, Mazour, Anatole Gregory, Visiting Professor in Russian History on the Louis W. and Maud Hill Family Foundation

1957-60, Simmonds, George Wolfgang, Instructor of European and Russian History

1960-62, Rader, Ronald Ray, Visiting Instructor in European History and Russia

1961-64, Vann, Richard Tilman, Assistant Professor of European History (Southern Methodist B.A., Oxford B.A., M.A., Harvard M.A., Ph.D.)

1962-65, Baird, John Edward, Visiting Instructor in Latin American History (California B.A., M.A.)

1962-93, Woehrlin, William F., William H. Laird Professor Emeritus of Modern European History, Russian History (Amherst B.A., Harvard M.A., Ph.D.)

1964, Carlson, Margaret, Secretary to the Faculty in Leighton Hall.

1964-65, Ring, Dian S., part-time Secretary to the Faculty of Leighton

1964-66, Najita, Tetsuo, Instructor in East Asian History (Grinnell B.A., Harvard M.A., Ph.D.)

1964-2004, Weiner, Carl Dorian, W.H. Laird Professor Emeritus of History and the Liberal Arts; Early Modern, French History (Queens College B.A., Columbia M.A.)

1965-67, Maguire, Elizabeth (Betty), began as Secretary to the Music department, then became Secretary to the Faculty in Leighton Hall, ; in 1967 became Secretary to the Chairman of the Committee of Negro Affairs and to the Director of Project ABC.

1965-67, Wickett, Jacqueline, Secretary to the Faculty

1966-80, Perry, John C., Professor of East Asian History and Director of the Asian Studies Program (Yale B.A., M.A., Harvard Ph.D.)

1966-99, Niles, Philip H. Professor Emeritus of Medieval History (Reed B.A., University of Toronto M.A., Ph.D.)

1966-2008, Prowe, Diethelm, Laird Bell Professor Emeritus of Modern European History, German History (Kent State B.A., Stanford M.A., Ph.D.)

1966-67, Bailey, Donald A., part-time Visiting Instructor in European History (Saskatchewan B.A., Oxford B.A., University of Minnesota)

1966-67, Manning, Jr., Eugene A., Assistant Professor of American Diplomatic History (Colgate B.A., Wisconsin Ph.D.)

1967-68, Bhattacharya, Arabinda, Visiting Professor of Indian History (Scottish Church College B.A., Calcutta University, M.A., Ph.D.)

1967-69, Van Eyck, Daniel, Assistant Professor of American History, also Dean of Students (Carleton B.A., Michigan Ph.D.)

1967-75, Basquin, Theresa (Terry), Secretary to the History Department and also Asian Studies for John C. Perry, part-time

1967-2001, Bonner, Robert, Marjorie Crabb Garbisch Professor and the Liberal Arts (Emeritus), British History and History of the American West; 2000-2008 post-retirement teaching in American Environmental History (Wyoming B.A., Oregon M.A., Minnesota Ph.D.)

1968-72, Soman, Alfred, Visiting Assistant Professor of Early Modern European History (Amherst B.A., Harvard Ph.D.)

1968-72, Kendall, Betty J., Secretary to History and Modern Languages, part-time, shared office with Terry Basquin, then moved to Economics and Soc/Anthro 1973-96.

1969-72, Johnson, Evelyn, Secretary, Leighton Faculty Secretarial Pool, Career Center 1972-1977, Registration Coordinator, Registrar’s Office, 1977-2011.

1969-97, Zelliot, Eleanor, Laird Bell Professor Emerita of South Asian History (William Penn College B.A., Bryn Mawr M.A., Pennsylvania Ph.D.)

1970-2008, Jeffrey, Kirk, Professor of American History (Harvard B.A., Stanford M.A., Ph.D.)

1970-2016, Clark, Clifford E., Jr., Professor of History and M.A. and A.D. Hulings Professor of American Studies (Yale B.A., Harvard M.A., Ph.D.)

1971-72, Newell, Celia Elizabeth, Winter term taught one History 12 on Demographic & Quantitative History (Smith B.A., Pennsylvania M.A.)

1971-present, Bryce, Frank Jackson (Roman and Byzantine History / Classics Department)

1972-73, Dale, Stephen, Visiting Instructor in South Asian History. Taught one course, History 24, Modern Indian History, winter replacement for EZ; simultaneously taught at the U. of MN. Carleton alum, 1963.

1973-present, Wilkie, Nancy Clossen (Greek History and Archaeology / Classics and Soc Anthro Departments.

1973-76, McBeth, Michael, Visiting Associate Professor in Latin American History, St. Olaf exchange with Eleanor Zelliot for India courses at St. Olaf.

1973-76, Pope, Daniel, Visiting Assistant Professor in American History (Swarthmore B.A., Columbia M.A., Ph.D.) (spouse, Barbara Pope).

1973-74, Quirin, James, Visiting Instructor in African History (one course, Spring)

1973-75, Kaba, Lansiné, Visiting Associate Professor of African History (The Sorbonne, Paris, C.E.L.G., Licence, D.E.S., Northwestern Ph.D.)

1974-75, Pope, Barbara, Visiting part-time instructor, fall, social history, 19th Century France, History 12 (spouse, Daniel Pope).

1975-86, Sullivan, Ann, Secretary to the History Department, part-time, spouse Daniel Sullivan, Vice President of Development & Associate Professor of Sociology; parent of Christine Sullivan Kelley, Carleton 1986. Dan became president of Allegheny College in 1986 and they moved.

1975-76, Blake, Stephen, Fall and Winter, Visiting Adjunct Assistant Professor in South Asian History (Dartmouth B.A., Chicago M.A., Ph.D.)

1975-76, Hertzberg, Steven, Visiting Adjunct Assistant Professor in U.S. History, Fall and Winter

1975-77, Wakeland, Joanne C., Visiting instructor in East Asian History (Carleton B.A., Michigan M.A.)

1976-78, Patterson, Tiffany, Visiting Adjunct Instructor in Black Studies and American Studies, historian, African American History (Indiana B.A., Southern Illinois M.A.), taught History classes.

1976-79, Williams-Myers, Albert J., Instructor in African and African American History (Wagner B.A., UCLA M.A.)

1976-77, Tselos, George, fall term, Visiting Adjunct Assistant Professor in American History (Carleton B.A. 1961, Minnesota M.A., Ph.D.)

1977-78, Hansen, Mr. (team-taught with Eleanor Zelliot)

1977-78, Basham, Arthur, Visiting Professor Fall term, Benedict Distinguished Visiting Professor in South Asian History, 1981-82; also served as Benedict Professor in Asian Studies during 1982-83.

1977-85, Dickerson, Charles, Adjunct Instructor, Assistant Professor of African American History, Director of Third World Affairs (Lincoln B.A., Rochester M.A., Ph.D.)

1977-88, Tutino, John, St. Olaf Trade – Professor of Latin American History (Holy Cross B.A., University of Texas Austin Ph.D.) (see Georgetown University)

1978-79, Reynolds, Holly Baker (team-taught with Eleanor Zelliot, was a visiting instructor in the Religion department)

1978-80, Walton-Vargo, Linda, Instructor in East Asian History (in 2007 at University of Pennsylvania History Department) (Wellesley B.A., Pennsylvania Ph.D.)

1980-81, Kagan, Leigh, Winter & Spring, Visiting Instructor in East Asian History

1980-90, Kea, Ray, (St. Olaf trade*), Carleton & St. Olaf, (Howard B.A., University of Ghana M.A., University of London Ph.D.)

1981-97, Hung, Chang-tai, Professor of East Asian History (B.A. Chinese University Hong Kong, Harvard M.A., Ph.D.), moved to the University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong.

1982-83, Stavrou, Theofanis (Theodore), Benedict Distinguished Visiting Professor of Russian History (visited from the University of Minnesota)

1983, Crane, Ruth, Secretary to the History Department, part-time, temporary.

1984-85, Jorgensen, Barbara, Secretary to the History Department, part-time, temporary, when Ann Sullivan was on Sabbatical with Dan.

1985; 1986 Rosenberg, Emily, Benedict Distinguished Visiting Professor of History, 1985; Galusha Visiting Professor, 1986 (University of Nebraska B.A., SUNY Stony Brook M.A., Ph.D.)

1986-87, 1990-91, Campbell, John, winter term, Visiting Instructor of African American History

1985-86, Farrell, James, Visiting Professor of American History from St. Olaf, winter (Loyola B.A., Illinois M.A., Ph.D.)

1985-86, Kuskowski-Pieroni, Terri, winter, spring Visiting Assistant Professor of East Asian History (Wisconsin B.A., M.A.)

1985-86, Lewandowski, Bohdan, Visiting Distinguished Visiting Professor of Diplomatic History, Spring (Academy of Political Science, Warsaw; Warsaw University M.A.)

1985-86, Owusu-Ansah, David, Visiting Professor of African History (University of Cape Coast, Ghana B.A., McGill University Montreal, M.A.)

1986-present, Lamberty, Marilyn C. (Nikki),(Concordia University, B.A.) History Department Administrative Assistant, (Central Records, 1969-1971; Development Office 1977-78; Classics, Religion, Women’s Studies 1978-1986; Classics, Religion, & History 1986-1990; History 1990-present.

1986-91, Nichols, Robert, Visiting Professor from St. Olaf, Professor of Russian History

1986-93, LeGall, Michel, Visiting Middle East History Instructor from St. Olaf, (SUNY Stony Brook M.A., Ph.D.)

1986-87, Borrell, Merriley, Visiting Fred C. Andersen Fellow in American Studies

1986-87, Walton, Jonathan, Distinguished Visiting Professor of African American History, winter,

1987-88, Berry, Jay, half-time position, Visiting Assistant Professor of American History American History (U. Iowa)

1988-89, 1994-95, Fitzgerald, Michael, Visiting African American History Professor (St. Olaf), Frederick, Peter, Visiting Benedict Distinguished Professor of American and African American History, 1992-94

1988-89, Bowman, Marilyn, Adjunct Visiting Assistant Professor of Latin American History (U. Minnesota Ph.D.) Replaced John Tutino during search for new Latin Americanist, from U. of Minnesota.

1988-89, Mennel, Robert M., Visiting Professor of American Studies on the Fred C. Andersen Foundation

1989-90, Ballard, Barbara, Visiting Fred C. Andersen Lecturer in American Studies

1989-91, Harrison, Elizabeth (Beth) J. Gault, Visiting Professor of East Asian History, (Carleton B.A. 1974, Wisconsin M.A.)

1989-2003, DeLaney, Jeanne Hunter, Assistant Professor of Latin American History, St. Olaf trade* (North Carolina Chapel Hill A.B., Stanford M.A., Ph.D.)

1989-present, Williams, Harry, Laird Bell Professor of American History, 2008-present; David and Marian Adams Bryn-Jones Distinguished Professor of History& the Humanities, 2005-08, African and African American History (Lincoln University B.A., University of Missouri M.A., Brown University M.A., Ph.D.)

1990-94, Ladd-Taylor, Molly, First Women’s History Professor (Oberlin B.A., Case Western Reserve M.A., Yale Ph.D.)

1990-91, Iverson, Peter, Visiting Professor of Native American History, Winter, Carleton alum 1967

1990-91, Ng, Wendy, Spring, Visiting Assistant Professor, Fred C. Andersen Foundation American Studies)

1991-92, Oldstone-Moore, Christopher R., Instructor in Early Modern European History, (Carleton B.A. 1984, University of Chicago M.A. 1986, Ph.D. 1992)

1991-2009, Monson, Jamie, Professor of African History (Stanford B.A., UCLA M.A., Ph.D.) (St. Olaf trade*)

1992-94, Entenmann, Robert, Visiting Professor of East Asian History from St. Olaf, 1997-1998, 2002-03 Benedict Distinguished Visiting Professor of East Asian History (Harvard Ph.D.)

1992-93, Arroyo, Elizabeth (Leah) Fortson, 1992-93 Visiting Fred C. Andersen Fellow in American Studies

1993-94, Emerson, Matthew Charles, Visiting Assistant Professor of American Historical Archaeology (U. Michigan, B.A., M.A., Ph.D.)

1993-94 Reyes, Sigfrido, Visiting Instructor in U.S.-Latino Relations, (Cayey University College B.A., University of Chicago M.A., ABD)

1993-94, DeVries, Jacqueline, Visiting Modern European History Instructor

1993-present, Khalid, Adeeb, Modern European and Central Asian History Professor (University of Punjab, Lahore B.A., McGill University Montreal, B.A., University of Wisconsin M.A., Ph.D.)

1994-97, Duncan, Cheryl Ellen, Visiting Instructor of American History

1994-95, Meisel, Seth, Visiting Instructor in Latin American History (Grinnell B.A., Stanford M.A.)

1994-95, Reid, David, winter term, Visiting Instructor in History of Science (University of California Berkeley B.A., Wisconsin M.A., Ph.D.)

1994-present, Igra, Annette, Professor of American Women’s History (UCLA B.A., Sarah Lawrence M.A., Rutgers Ph.D.)

1995-97, To, Wing-kai, Visiting Instructor in East Asian History (Chinese University of Hong Kong B.A., M. Phil, University of California Davis Ph.D.)

1995-96, Jacobs, Nancy, Visiting Instructor of African History (Calvin College B.A., UCLA M.A., Indiana University Ph.D.), see also 2014.

1997-99, Saikia, Sayeeda Yasmin, Instructor of South Asian History (Aligarh Muslim University B.A., M.A., Millersville University of Pennsylvania M.A., Wisconsin M.A., Ph.D.)

1997-2002, Seidman, Rachel Filene, Visiting Assistant Professor of American History (Oberlin B.A., Yale Ph.D.)

1997-98, Hawkins, Timothy, Visiting Assistant Professor of Latin American history, Carleton alum 1990

1997-98, Lekan, Thomas (Tom) M., Visiting Modern European Instructor, (Carleton B.A. 1989, Madison Ph.D.)

1998-99, Van Slyke, Lyman (Van) P., Bernstein Distinguished Visiting Professor of East Asian History, Spring, (Carleton B.A. in Mathematics, 1951, University of California Berkeley M.A. 1958 major field East Asian Studies, Ph.D. 1964 major field China)

1998-present, Ottaway, Susannah, Professor of Early Modern History, British History (Carleton B.A., Brown University, M.A., Ph.D.)

1999-2000, Bhagavan, Manu Belur, Visiting Instructor in South Asian History (B.A., Carleton 1992; Ph.D. Madison)

1999-2000, Kitamura, Takao, Visiting Professor, Japanese-American History,

1999-2001, 2002-2003, Pohlandt-McCormick, Helena, Visiting Assistant Professor of African History (Ludwig-Maximillians Universitat, M.A., Michigan M.A., Minnesota Ph.D.)

1999-present, Morse, Victoria, Associate Professor of Medieval History (University of California Berkeley B.A., M.L.S., M.A., Ph.D.)

1999-present, North, William, Associate Professor of Medieval History (Princeton A.B., University of California Berkeley M.A., Ph.D.)

1999-present, Yoon, Seungjoo, Associate Professor of East Asian History (Seoul National University B.A., Harvard University A.M., Ph.D.)

2000-2001, Carpio, Myla Vicenti, Fall, Visiting Fred Anderson Fellow in American Studies

2000-2009, Sengupta, Parna, Assistant Professor of South Asian History (University of California Berkeley B.A., University of Michigan Ph.D.)

2000-present, Zabin, Serena, Associate Professor of Early American History (Bowdoin College B.A., University of North Carolina Chapel Hill M.A., Rutgers Ph.D.)

2000-2003, Morillo-Alicea, Javier, Visiting Fellow in Latin American History (Yale B.A., Michigan, ABD)

2002-03, Rosa, Andrew, Visiting Mellon Pre-doctoral Fellow in African American History (Hampshire College B.A., Temple University M.A., University of Massachusetts Ph.D.)

2003-present, Fisher, Andrew, Associate Professor of Latin American History (Stanford B.A., University of California San Diego M.A., Ph.D.)

2004-05, Klein, Martin, Distinguished Benedict Visiting African History Professor

2005-07, Fishman, Louis, Visiting Assistant Professor of Middle Eastern History (University of Haifa B.A., University of Chicago M.A., Ph.D.)

2006-07, Ristow, Colby, Visiting Instructor in Latin American History (Michigan State University B.A., M.A., University of Chicago Ph.D.); Assistant Professor at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, 2007.

2006-present, Vrtis, George, Associate Professor of History and Environmental and Technology Studies (Marquette University B.S., Northwestern M.A., Georgetown Ph.D.)

2008-present, Tompkins, David, Associate Professor of Modern European History (Rice University B.A., Universite de Provence license, Jagiellonian University/Poland, diploma, Columbia M.A., M. Phil., Ph.D.)

2009, Fall, Masebo, Oswald, Visiting Instructor of African History (Candidate U. Minnesota Ph.D., University of Dar es Salaam M.A., B.A.)

2009-11, 2015-16, 2016-17 Fall and Winter, LaRocque, Brendan, Andrew W. Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow in South Asian History (University of Wisconsin Ph.D., M.A., second M.A., and B.A.)

2010-present, Willis, J. Thabiti, Assistant Professor of African History (Clark Atlanta B.A., Cornell M.P.S., Emory M.A., Ph.D.)

2011-present, Khalid, Amna, Assistant Professor of South Asian History (Lahore University, B.S., University of Oxford, St. Antony’s College, M.Phil., Ph.D.

2014, Spring, Tamara Feinstein, Visiting Latin American Studies assistant professor (Wayne State, B.A., George Washington U., M.A., U. Wisconsin, Madison, M.A., Ph.D.

2014, Spring, Jacobs, Nancy, Benedict Distinguished Visiting Professor, African History (Calvin College B.A., UCLA M.A., Indiana University Ph.D.) see also 1995-96.

2016-17, Ellen Manovich, Visiting U.S. History assistant professor (The Ohio State University B.A., U. Minnesota, Ph.D.) U.S. Urban History, Universities and neighborhood change, history of public and urban policy.

2016-17, Winter and Spring, Antony Adler, Visiting U.S. and European History assistant professor (Carleton College B.A., U. Washington, MA, PhD) Science and Technology, Modern Europe, Pacific World, Marine Environment.

2016-17, Spring, Janet Polasky, Distinguished Benedict Visiting European History Professor (Carleton College B.A., Stanford University M.A., Ph.D.) 18th Atlantic Revolution, comparative history, urban history, political theory, European women’s history, Belgian history.

2017, Luis Herran Avila, Visiting Assistant Latin American History Professor (PhD, Politics and History, The New School for Social Research, MA, Politics, The New School for Social Research,BA, Latin American Studies, National Autonomous University of Mexico). Anticommunism, Cold War, Conservatism, Fascism and neofascism, Latin America, Migration, Right wing movements, Transnational History, US-Latin American Relations, violence and enmity.