Fall 2023

  • HEBR 204: Intermediate Modern Hebrew

    In this course students will strengthen their command of modern conversational, literary and newspaper Hebrew. As in the elementary sequence, we will continually integrate listening, speaking, reading, and writing in Hebrew. Popular Israeli music, broadcasts, internet sources, and films will complement the course’s goals. Class projects include a term long research paper on a topic related to Israel, the Middle East, or Judaic Studies. Students will create a poster in Hebrew to illustrate their research. They will discuss this with other Hebrew speakers on campus at a class poster session toward the end of the course. Prerequisites: Hebrew 103 or equivalent 6 credits; Does not fulfill a curricular exploration requirement; offered Fall 2023 · Stacy Beckwith
  • MELA 121: Middle Eastern Perspectives in Israeli and Palestinian Literature & Film (counts for the Middle East Studies minor)
  • MELA 230: Jewish Collective Memory (counts toward the History major and for the Middle East Studies minor)
  • CAMS 236: Israeli Society in Israeli Cinema (counts toward the CAMS major and the Middle East Studies minor)