Sleep Tips

  1. Track your sleep. Use a paper log, a fitness device (you can check one out in the Office of Health Promotion), or a phone app, but pay attention to any patterns that might help you understand what gets in the way of your sleep.
  2. Evaluate your time management skills. Consider signing up for a session through the Academic Support Center to ensure you actually have enough time to sleep.
  3. Check out the sleep hygiene suggestions in the SWA stalls on this page.
  4. Sign up for Sleep Coaching.

  • Sleep Myths and Tips (350.7KB PDF Document)
    15 February 2017
    Myths about sleeping and tips for better sleep.
  • Sleep SWA STALL (2.6MB .png file)
  • Sleep Diary (61.0KB Word Document)
    13 January 2018
    Here is a sleep diary that you can use to help track your sleeping patterns as well as your activities throughout the day that might impact your sleep.