Sleep: Developing Healthier Personal Habits and Improving the Community Sleep Environment


The data on sleep are pretty clear: getting enough quality sleep is good for you! Good sleep is associated with a higher GPA, better physical health, better mental health, better athletic performance, quicker response time, less impulsivity, and overall better mood.

 At Carleton, our data reflect the same trends. Here are a few stats:

  • In 2018, fewer than 40% of Carleton students reported getting enough sleep to feel rested the majority of the time.
  • There is a direct, positive association between nights of restful sleep and average GPA. Carleton students who report getting enough sleep 6 or 7 nights a week have the highest average GPA.
  • Carleton students who average more than 7 hours of sleep per night experience significantly higher levels of positive mood states and significantly lower levels of negative mood states.

Check out the information on the following pages to discover how the Office of Health Promotion can support you in getting your best sleep.