The videos on this page are recordings from weekly wellness webinars presented during Spring Term 2020. While they were designed for wellness during the global pandemic, the topics are applicable at any time.

Self Care (Wellness Webinar Week 8)

In this wellness webinar, SWAs Tracy and Gemma share insights into creating a self-care regimen that is effective for you.

Attunement (Wellness Webinar Week 7)

In this webinar, SWAs Emily and Natalie describe attunement and the factors that can inhibit or disrupt one’s ability to notice the cues their body is sending.

3 Minute Mental Makeover (Wellness Webinar Week 6)

In this webinar, hear from David Thoele ’79 about the Three Minute Mental Makeover he developed to help his patients and himself process the stressful events in their lives.

Present Control (Wellness Webinar Week 5)

In this week’s wellness webinar, we explore the concept of present control as a productive way to manage stress.

Burnout (Wellness Webinar Week 4)

In this wellness webinar, SHAC Counselor Nate Page and Student Wellness Advocate Emily Moses discuss burnout. You will learn about the different stages of burnout, how to identify what stage you might be at, and strategies to address your burnout.

Sleepiness (Wellness Webinar Week 3)

In this webinar, Student Wellness Advocate Gemma Null discusses sleepiness and some strategies for addressing it.

Harnessing Your Stress (Wellness Webinar Week 2)

In this week’s Wellness Webinar, Student Wellness Advocate Xavier Xiong discusses the ways our attitudes about stress are just as important as the experience of stress itself.

How to Flourish: Connections and Routine (Wellness Webinar Week 1)

In our first ever Wellness Webinar, Tamnnet Kidanu (Associate Director of Health Promotion) discusses how to stay well and flourish by maintaining connections and routines.