Programs to Go

Interested in bringing well-being information to your community at Carleton? Request a “Program-To-Go” from us! Programs To-Go include: (1) Access to various Well-Being Kahoot Trivia Games that have been created for Carls & (2) Freebies, Supplies, and Tips from OHP. Topics currently include Sleep, Stress Management & Self-Care, Procrastination & Time Management, On Campus Resources, Alcohol, Cannabis, and Sexual Health. To submit your request, please complete the Request Google Form least 10 days before you intend to have your event. Expand the menu below to learn more about each program.


The Sleep Kahoot reviews the sleep trivia, norms around sleep at Carleton, the importance of sleep, and tips and strategies for getting more quality sleep as a Carl.

Stress Management & Self Care

The Stress Management & Self Care Kahoot reviews information about the benefits of self care, evidenced-based self-care strategies, and a discussion of how Carls can include self care and set boundaries within their own lives.

Procrastination & Time Management

The Procrastination & Time Management Kahoot includes information about procrastination among Carleton students, common reasons for procrastination, strategies to reduce procrastination, time management tips, and an overview of Carleton resources that could be helpful for someone experiencing procrastination and struggling with time management.

On-Campus Resources

The On-Campus Resources Kahoot identifies Carleton College resources for students and helps them understand what services and supports different departments across campus offer as well as helping students to understand how to access each resource.

Alcohol & Less Risky Drinking

The Alcohol & Less Risky Drinking Kahoot features information about how alcohol acts in the body, including impacts on blood alcohol concentration and level of intoxication. Also discussed are Carleton student norms around drinking, resources available on campus for anyone interested in exploring their drinking further, and strategies to reduce risks associated with drinking alcohol.

Cannabis Laws & Risk Reduction

The Cannabis Laws & Risk Reduction Kahoot provides information about the norms surrounding cannabis consumption on campus Insights into both Minnesota state laws and Carleton campus policies regarding cannabis use are shared. Additionally, harm reduction strategies associated with cannabis consumption are discussed.

Sexual Health

The Sexual Health Kahoot provides information about sexual health supplies and resources available on campus, methods for preventing, testing, and treating STIs, and common birth control/pregnancy prevention options including emergency contraception. Also discussed are on- and off-campus resources for sexual health.


SWA Dogs

SWA dogs are therapy animals who come to campus throughout the term and are available for anyone to visit. Each dog has passed the “Canine Good Citizen” test and knows how to behave around people. Make sure to visit them all to figure out who is your favorite dog! Sign up to receive weekly emails with the SWA dog schedule, as well as other OHP programming and resources.

Check out the SWA Dog page for more information!

Sleep Coaching

Sleep Coaching is a method to guide you through the steps of identifying your regular sleep patterns, the things that are preventing you from getting enough quality sleep, and steps you can take to improve your sleep. Learn more and sign-up for sleep coaching.

Passive Programming

For passive programming such as bulletin boards or SWA Stalls, please visit our Student Wellness Resources webpage.