Wellness Workshops

These engaging workshops provide opportunities for all student groups (residential floors, sports teams, student organizations, etc.) to learn ways to support not only their well-being, but their peers as well! Workshop requests must be submitted at least 7 days prior to the date requested.

Attunement and Self-care

The Attunement and Self-care workshop is designed to bring groups together to learn about and discuss how the practice of listening to your body’s cues can help you develop a proactive self-care routine. Students will explore the topic though a series of practice-based and self-reflective activities.



CUES is a SWA-facilitated discussion about group norms regarding alcohol use. Students will answer questions regarding alcohol use and binge drinking in a short form prior to the event in order to determine personal views and perceptions of group views; this data is then presented and discussed in both small group and whole group conversations. CUES is led by two SWAs. Please note that no staff (i.e., coaches, RAs, etc.) may be present during CUES. This program may be helpful for groups that frequently socialize together (i.e., sport teams, student organizations) to start a conversation about the role that alcohol may play in their group! CUES works best with groups of 15+ individuals.

Harnessing Your Stress

Harnessing Your Stress is designed to help groups discuss stress and provide tips and tools to help manage stress. This workshop will discuss what stress is and healthy coping strategies.

Intuitive Eating

The Intuitive Eating workshop is designed to give students an introduction to intuitive eating and to try simple, hands on ways to engage in this practice.


The Meditation workshop is designed to introduce the concept and health benefits of meditation, along with simple ways students can incorporate meditation into their daily lives. Students will explore the topic through a series of practice-based and reflective activities.

Office of Health Promotion Overview

This presentation is designed to give an overview of the Office of Health Promotion (OHP) programs, resources, and ways OHP supports efforts to ensure that all members of the Carleton community flourish.

Present Control

Present control is a way to positively reframe stressors. This workshop provides a brief overview of present control and simple activities participants can engage in to approach stressful situations in a more productive manner.


The Sleepiness workshop that is helpful for groups who might have difficulty with sleep or are curious about how to create good sleep habits. This workshop, typically done with groups of any size, will explore the importance of sleep, how to develop healthy sleep habits, and tools that might help along the way.


SWA Dogs

SWA dogs are therapy animals who come to campus throughout the term and are available for anyone to visit. Each dog has passed the “Canine Good Citizen” test and knows how to behave around people. Make sure to visit them all to figure out who is your favorite dog! Sign up to receive weekly emails with the SWA dog schedule, as well as other OHP programming and resources.

Check out the SWA Dog page for more information!

Sleep Coaching

Sleep Coaching is a method to guide you through the steps of identifying your regular sleep patterns, the things that are preventing you from getting enough quality sleep, and steps you can take to improve your sleep. Learn more and sign-up for sleep coaching.

Passive Programming

For passive programming such as bulletin boards or SWA Stalls, please visit our Student Wellness Resources webpage.