Walking Meditation

8 March 2021

We spend so much time preoccupied with where we are going or what we need to do next that it can be hard to focus on the moment.

Slowing down and focusing on the physical sensations of a typically mindless activity can:

  • make us more aware of our physical and mental states.
  • provide us a greater sense of control over ourselves.

Although this activity focuses on walking, the same method can be applied to other simple, repetitive actions like eating or stretching.

Walking Meditation Guide

  1. Find a quiet location inside or outside where you can walk 10-15 paces in one direction.
  2. Walk these 10-15 steps at a slow but natural pace, bringing your attention to the motions of walking.
  3. Notice how you lift your foot, how you swing it forward. Feel the way you place your foot back down and how you shift your weight before beginning the process again.
  4. When you have walked your 10-15 steps, take a deep, slow breath, turn around, and walk in the other direction.
  5. Repeat these steps for 10 minutes every day.


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