Two-Minute Mornings

22 February 2021

The two-minute mornings journal prompt, based on a book written by Neil Pasricha, is a quick activity that fosters a positive mindset you can carry throughout the day.

There are three elements in a two-minute morning:

  • I will let go of…
    • Holding on to regrets can lead to greater risk-taking behaviors and limits happiness.
  • I am grateful for…
    • Writing down five gratitudes a week can make your measurably happier over a 10-week period.
  • I will focus on…
    • Creating small, focused goals can help reduce decision fatigue.

Two-Minute Mornings Guide (complete the sentences below)

I will let go of…

  • Tip: Think about something that elicits feelings of frustration, anger, or resentment.

I am grateful for…

  • Tip: Be specific, such as “when my neighbor waved at me” or “when my roommate sent me Friday flowers.”

I will focus on…

  • Tip: Focus on small goals that you are confident you can achieve that day, such as “workout with my roommate” or “take notes on chapter 7 for my class.”


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