Support Cards

25 April 2022

How to make a support card to use when you’re struggling

A Support Card is something you can keep with you to use when you’re struggling! Put it in your pocket or wallet, take a picture of it, and share it with family and friends!

Support cards can…

  • Help you reach out when you’re struggling
  • Remind you of how to support yourself
  • Let others know how to best support you

What do you do when you feel like you’re in a crisis?

  1. Evaluate the situation. Do you need immediate help?
    • Yes? Call 911.
    • No? Focus on calming yourself down and make a plan to contact your healthcare provider(s).
    • Not sure? Call a friend, family member, or hotline number for support.

If you decide you’re not in immediate danger, take a deep breath and engage in self-care.

Come by OHP (Sayles 162) to pick up a guide on how to make your own support card to use when you’re struggling!


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