Practice Facing Your Fears

10 May 2021

Overcoming fears often requires that we develop a more positive association with the thing that we fear. We can shift our perception through positive reinforcement and positive self talk.

Engaging in this practice can go a long way in relieving stress and helping us feel more confident

Note: This activity is geared toward addressing mild, everyday fears. More serious fears should be addressed with the help of a health professional. Connect with SHAC for support.

Practice Facing Your Fears Guide

  1. Start small, if you are afraid of heights consider watching other people rock climb
  2. Repeat until you begin to have a positive or neutral association with the activity
  3. Gradually begin challenging yourself—if you have watched lots of videos of rock climbing, try climbing a short distance

Write a fear you want to challenge yourself to face & one step you can take to face it.


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