Lucky Stars

9 May 2022

Write a compliment or affirmation on a strip of paper and fold it into a lucky star!


  • Thinking about what message you want on your lucky star helps you get in touch with how you’re doing in this moment.
  • Folding a lucky star forces you to slow down and focus on a small task, which can help calm your mind and body.

How to fold a lucky star:

  1. Write down an affirmation, wish, or your favorite quote on the slip of paper.
  2. Turn over the slip of paper so the blank side is up. Form a ribbon shape by looping the right side of the strip over the left.
  3. Wrap the upper piece of the strip through the formed loop. Pull tight to make a knot and flatten the folds.
  4. Fold over the small remaining bit of the strip on the right of the knot and tuck this piece in to the flaps.
  5. Begin wrapping the long bit of the strip on the left of the knot around the formed pentagon, making sure you’re alternating which sides you’re wrapping around.
  6. When the end is too short to wrap again, tuck it into the earlier wrap around the pentagon.
  7. Push in the paper on the sides of the pentagon, forming the 5 points for your star.

Stop by OHP (Sayles 162) to pick up paper and a guide on how to make your own lucky stars!


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