Gratitude Rocks

1 March 2021

We all know that gratitude is important, but sometimes we can use a tangible reminder to cultivate it.

Gratitude can help us:

  • Strengthen relationships
  • Increase happiness and life satisfaction
  • Improve sleep
  • Enhance resilience

The key to these benefits is to make practicing gratitude a routine—this is where Gratitude Rocks come in! By keeping around a physical item you can easily feel or notice each day, you will be reminded daily to stop and think of things in your life you are grateful for.

Gratitude Rocks Guide

  1. Find a rock! Multiple will be set out on the Nook Table on-campus, but any light rock will do!
  2. Using a paint pen or Sharpie, write a word on the rock that will remind you of gratitude. This could simply be the word “grateful,” or could be a word or name with personal significance.
  3. Place your gratitude rock somewhere you will interact with it every day: in a pocket or purse, on your desk, or in a wallet.
  4. Every time you see or feel the rock, hold it and reflect on something you are grateful for!
  5. Repeat!


  • Choose something specific to reflect on, rather than general gratitude.
  • After reflecting, share that gratitude with the ones you love!


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Downloadable PDF version