Flower Making!

2 May 2022

Simple Acts of Kindness can….

  1. Reduce negative emotions (anger, anxiety, depression, etc.)
  2. Releases neurochemicals that make you feel good when you help others
  3. Strengthen interpersonal bonds through the release of oxytocin

Make an “everyday” flower:

  1. Choose your colors
  2. Arrange your colors in the order you want your flower to be in
  3. Fold “accordion” style
  4. Tie in the center with a pipe cleaner
  5. Cut ends so they are round!
  6. Start unfolding!
  7. Attach a note to a friend if you would like!

Stop by OHP to make a tissue paper flower and place it in your friend’s mailbox!


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Sreenivasan, S., Ph.D., & Weinberger, L. E., Ph.D. (2017, November 16). Why Random Acts of Kindness Matter to Your Wellbeing.

Downloadable PDF Version