Finding Purpose

16 May 2022

Purpose is your why

Thinking about your purpose can help you reflect on your life and what gives it meaning.

Knowing your purpose can provide a sense of stability and direction, and can help you move through setbacks.

Your purpose is not concrete – it grows and morphs as you do!

Craft & Reflect:

  1. Choose a marble
  2. Choose a word and a background
  3. Glue the word onto the background
  4. Glue the word and background onto the bottom of the marble so that you can read it through the top
  5. Reflect. What fulfills you? What energizes you? How do you want to impact the world?
  6. Keep this marble somewhere you will see it to remind yourself that you have purpose <3

Stop by OHP (Sayles 162) to do this fun craft about finding and reflecting on your purpose!


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