Celebrate Your Progress

5 April 2021

Why should we celebrate our progress? It’s easy to think of progress as linear, or to focus on our challenges rather than our success. In truth, most of us make advances small and large every single day, but we fail to notice them because we lack ways to appreciate our progress.

By naming our wins each day, we can celebrate our victories. Honoring our progress can be motivating, reaffirming, and supportive to our well-being.

Celebrate Your Progress Guide (complete the sentences below)

Today, I accomplished…

  • Tip: This doesn’t have to be something huge — maybe it was just cleaning your room or catching up on emails.

In the last year, I was proud of…

  • Tip: What have you overcome in the last year? What have you learned? What goals did you accomplish?

I strengthened my connections with others by…

  • Think about your relationships. Which ones have improved, and in what ways?


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