What is the QPR Workshop?

The QPR (Question – Persuade – Refer) Workshop is an hour long follow-up to the online QPR training. Facilitated by two student SWAs and one full time staff member, these workshops provide an intimate and controlled space to continue the discussion of suicide prevention and practice the skills learned in QPR. Some of the goals of this program are to adjust the terminology used when discussing suicide, learn how to identify suicidal warning signs, and get comfortable responding in a suicide crisis situation.


  • The program starts with a brief review of QPR and a short activity to get the group comfortable talking to each other.
  • A large portion of the workshop involves:
    • Talking through scenarios in small groups or
    • Practicing responding through a role play activity
  • After the scenarios/role play, the whole group will debrief the practice situations and share final thoughts.
  • Duration: about 60 minutes

Other Details

  • Ideal group size is around 25–30 people
  • The workshop has the greatest effect on participants if everyone has taken the online QPR training prior to attending the workshop

QPR Workshop

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