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Official Closings and Winter Storms

Official Closings

On rare occasions, the College may officially close (although classes may still be in session) as a result of non-weather related issues (i.e. loss of electricity or heat, computer access, tornado, flood, etc.) or due to inclement winter weather.  In such events, the process for an official closing will be determined only through select members of the administration; the President, the Vice President and Treasurer, Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs, Director of Human Resources, and the Director of Facilities & Capital Planning. They will take under consideration the level of functionality and operations adversely affected in order to determine the necessity for an official closing.

Staff and faculty could receive notification via the following:

  • E-mail (if operational) by one of the determining listed administrators;
  • Contact in person. In the event where no readily accessible mode of communication is available (email or voicemail), a designated department contact will report to one of the offices of the determining administrators (i.e. President, Vice President and Treasurer, Provost & Vice President of Academic Affairs, Director of Human Resources, Director of Facilities & Capital Planning) for the official closing status of the College.

All regular employees who would have been working will be paid for their lost time. Those who work will be given compensating time off.

It is recommended that each department record voicemail messages on their telephones providing official closure information. These messages can be recorded even if off campus. For instructions on how to do this, refer to Telecommunications website.

When the College decides to remain open even though there may be some functions inoperable, employees are encouraged to remain productive in altering their work tasks. If there is a question as to optional task completion, please confer with your supervisor for direction.

NOTE: Departments providing essential service – heat, security, food, snow removal, telephone, and emergency maintenance, shall make arrangements to provide adequate coverage at all times and in all circumstances. To facilitate snow removal, employees are urged to park in lots that have already been plowed whenever possible.

Winter Storms

When winter storms create hazardous driving conditions, employees may arrive late or leave early with the permission of their supervisors. Each department shall establish its own procedures for doing so. Floating holiday, vacation, weather day or make-up hours may be arranged by the employee in order to receive pay for lost time. Make up hours must be worked within the same pay week as the lost time. Normally, make-up time resulting in overtime will be limited to the dollar value of the lost time pay.

The decision to close the College in the morning will be announced on KYMN, KDHL, KSTP, KARE 11, and WCCO by 7:30 a.m., if possible. Closings during the day will be announced by campus e-mail.

Last Revised: December 7, 2005

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