Travel & Transportation

Travel Time for Non-Exempt Staff

If a non-exempt employee is sent to outside training, such as a seminar or conference, the employee is to be paid for time spent at the seminar/conference that fall within their normal work hours (i.e. 8:00-12:00/1:00-5:00).  Travel time during their normal work hours is also paid, if travel time is outside of the normal work hours then it is unpaid. An exceptions would be if the employee is the driver instead of the passenger, then the driver would be paid for the travel time to and from the seminar/conference. Another exception would be if either before or after the training session, the employee was required by their supervisor to report to work to perform work duties or to receive instructions, then travel time would be included in the hours worked. An employee may submit a request for mileage payment.

Travel time for an overnight trip made during non-working hours is non-compensable. An employee would be paid for their normal working hours (i.e. 8:00-12:00/ 1:00-5:00).

If the outside training falls on a normal day off, such as a Saturday, the employee would be paid for the time spent at the conference which fall during their normal working hours (i.e. 8:00-12:00/1:00-5:00). If work-related events carry on into the evening or over the lunch hour and the employee is required to attend, that time is compensible as well. Overtime may be avoided by scheduling a different day off during the same work week.

Staff will be reimbursed for personal vehicle mileage for travel on college business if a request is submitted.

Part-time exempt staff will follow the same guideline as stated above for non-exempt staff with being paid according to their normal full time equivalency (FTE). Hours exceeding their FTE may be avoided by scheduling a different day off during the same workweek.

Last Revised: September 10, 2019

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