Hello, Campus Handbook maintainer!

Thank you for maintaining the handbook items that your office or department is responsible for. You play a critical role in ensuring that the campus handbook is up to date and accurate.

How to update your office’s handbook items

Reviewing a Policy

Each Policy in the Handbook should be reviewed at least annually to ensure the information is still correct and valid. If you are the maintainer of your office’s Policies, you can review a policy simply by viewing it in the Handbook. Read it carefully to check for typos, outdated or broken links, outdated information, or other issues. When you are satisfied that the information is correct, click the link (or button) beneath the policy content labeled “Update Review Date” to set the date to today. After confirming the update, the date will be updated immediately.

screenshot of handbook policy "update review date" link

Note: You can update the review date at any point, however, if it’s been more than eleven months since you last reviewed the policy, a yellow button will appear (Update Review Date). Clicking this button will update the review date automatically.

screenshot of handbook policy "update review date" button

Editing a Policy

During the review process, if you find an error, or otherwise find the need to make changes to the content of a policy, you should edit the policy to make your changes. If you are the maintainer for your office’s Policies, an “Edit Policy” link will show in the “Maintained by:” area toward the bottom of the Policy, just after your Carleton username.

screenshot of handbook policy maintainer

You can also find links to Policies that you have edit access for (if any) on the Handbook Items by Department page.

First Time Editing a Policy in WordPress?

If this is your first time editing the policy in WordPress, you may want to convert the Classic HTML content to Blocks. This can be done by clicking into the policy text and clicking the “Convert to blocks” button in the pop-up toolbar. You can then proceed to edit the content as you would any other WordPress page using paragraphs, headings, list blocks, etc.

screenshot of block editor for handbook policy

Editing a Child Policy

Some of the Handbook policies are made up of a “parent” policy, plus some number of “child” policies. As with editing a Policy, if you are the maintainer for your office’s Policies, an “Edit Child Policy” link will show beside your Carleton username at the foot of the child policy’s section of the Policy’s page. Sort-ordering of the child policies is managed on the Child Policy’s editing screen, in the “Handbook Policy Attributes” box. (Note: the Order Number starts at 0, not 1. So the first child policy will have the Order Number “0”, the second child policy in the list will have the Order Number “1”, and so on).

screenshot of child policy listing

You can also find links to Child Policies that you have edit access for (if any) on the Handbook Items by Department page.

How to add a new handbook item

When a new handbook item is requested, the Campus Handbook working group decides whether the item is appropriate for the Campus Handbook, where in the handbook the item should reside, and what audiences the item pertains to. For this reason, adding new policies requires a review process by the working group. If you have an item you would like to see added to the handbook, please send it to campus-handbook.group@carleton.edu, and we will review it and determine how best to incorporate it into the site. We will notify you when the item is published.

How to remove a handbook item

From time to time, items in the Campus Handbook become obsolete. If this occurs, please send an email to campus-handbook.group@carleton.edu explaining which item is now obsolete and why. For example: “It has been superseded by New Policy X as of May 15,” or “It pertains to College Program Y, which was discontinued in July.”


If you have questions about your role or how to maintain your handbook items, please email campus-handbook.group@carleton.edu. Thank you!