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Roommate Boundaries and Rights

You and your roommate(s) are individuals with particular interests, goals, values, likes, and dislikes. Learning to accept each other’s differences without infringing on one another’s freedom is a valuable part of your holistic education at Carleton College.

Each roommate has equal rights as an occupant of the room. Roommates must be able to come to compromises and agreements. Each person has the right to their own personal space within the room.  It is vital that you talk through your preferences for the room and what purposes you feel the room should serve. Consider the following roommate rights when creating your roommate agreements.

Each person assigned to the room has…

  • The right to privacy
  • The right to personal safety and security of possessions
  • The right to expect that roommate(s) will respect your personal belongings
  • The right to have free access to the room
  • The right to sleep and study in the room without undue disturbance
  • The right to host guests per mutually established expectations related to visitation
  • The right to a clean and organized living space, per mutually established standards of cleanliness
  • The right to respect and civil treatment
  • The right to be free from harassment, discrimination, and fear of intimidation and physical and/or emotional harm
  • The right to ask for assistance and guidance from Residential Life Staff (such as Resident Assistants and/or Area Director) when necessary

Residence Hall Staff are Available for Assistance in Settling Conflicts

We recognize that sometimes students need assistance in settling roommate conflicts. Your Resident Assistants (RAs) can be a great resource when you and your roommate are not able to come to a compromise on your own. RAs have received training to help with these circumstances, and Area Directors are also available to support. We encourage you to first try to work things out on your own, but staff are happy to help out if needed.

Last Revised: August 14, 2018

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Last Reviewed: August 14, 2018

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