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Medical Amnesty for Violation of Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy

The College expects students to follow all federal, state, and local laws and regulations governing the sale, manufacture, provision, use and/or purchase of alcohol and other drugs (the “Drug and Alcohol Laws”), and to be responsible in their consumption of alcoholic beverages.  Students who violate the Drug and Alcohol Laws on campus or during College related activities will be subject to discipline by the College, as well as possible criminal charges by law enforcement authorities and civil law claims by affected persons. The College will not protect any member of the Carleton community who violates the Drug and Alcohol Laws.

There may be times when safety concerns arise from a student’s drinking or drug use. The College has adopted this policy to encourage students in such a situation to promptly seek medical assistance without fear of discipline from the College. The College’s highest priority is the health and safety of students and the College therefore also urges students to think first about their own well-being and the well-being of their fellow students. Consequently the College will not take disciplinary action for possession or consumption of alcohol or drugs against:

  • A student who initiates a request for medical assistance for oneself;
  • A student who initiates a request for medical assistance for another student; and
  • The student for whom medical assistance is sought.

This policy does not apply to individuals who have previously violated community standards for the use of alcohol and other drugs, nor does it prevent action by law enforcement authorities. Although students are expected to request medical assistance in every situation where it may be needed, this amnesty policy does not extend to violations of other College policies.

In case of a medical emergency, students should call 911 immediately. (From campus phones, dial 8-911) In all cases where assistance is needed, call Security Services at x4444, or (507-222-4444). Carleton also has outdoor emergency telephones at several locations across campus.

Any student(s) afforded disciplinary amnesty under this policy will be required to meet with staff from the Dean of Students Office or Residential Life for a formal review of the incident. However, the College may recommend educational intervention, assessment, counseling for alcohol or other drug use, and/or parental notification when appropriate. Amnesty under this policy is also contingent on the student taking any actions recommended by the College. In an effort to prevent the recurrence of such a medical emergency and to identify patterns of problematic behavior involving alcohol or drugs, the Dean of Students Office will document the incident in a record that remains separate from the student’s permanent disciplinary file.

August 18, 2015

For: Students, Staff, Faculty

Last Reviewed: August 29, 2023

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