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Animals on Campus

Definition: Animal―for these purposes, any species that is not human.

Applicable Public Law. Any person bringing an animal(s) onto the property of Carleton College should be aware that the City Code of Northfield applies to their visit. Please refer to Part II, Chapter 10, Article II, 10-31 through 10-98.

Animals in Buildings. No animals are allowed in any Carleton College buildings including academic, administrative, and residential buildings that the College owns with the exception of research animals used in the work of College departments, service and emotional support animals (see below), and support animal visits scheduled by the Health Promotions Office. Faculty, staff, or students may not pet-sit or invite an animal into College housing. There are a few college houses that are exceptions from this policy because of their required long-term residential nature including Nutting House and Headley Cottage. In addition, Sperry House and Seccombe House are identified as pet-friendly employee rental housing.

Animals on the Grounds. Animals must be leashed and under the direct control of their owner. Animals running freely  or that are tied up and unattended are not under the direct control of their owner will be reported to the City of Northfield Animal Control Officer for pickup as provided for in the City Code.

Animals that are left in their owner’s vehicle will be reported to the City of Northfield Animal Control Officer for pickup as provided for in the City Code if they appear to be under duress from heat, inadequate ventilation, or severe cold.

All animal wastes must be picked up and properly disposed of by the associated owner.

Public Safety Persons who wish to report violations of this policy may call Carleton College Security at x4444.

Service or Emotional Support Animals While the college does not permit pets on campus, it does comply with federal law, American Disability Act and the Fair Housing Act in the regards to the presence of Service or Emotional Support Animal for individuals with appropriately documented disabilities. Contact the Director of Accessibility Resources (students) or Human Resources (employees) for guidelines and regulations for the accommodation of Service or Support animals in campus housing or in campus buildings. 


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