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Electrical Devices and Appliances

Heat producing electrical devices may only be used in designated areas. Appliances such as hot plates, coffeemakers, irons, and space heaters are not acceptable for use in student rooms by order of the State Fire Marshal. These types of appliances may be used in the kitchens or laundry rooms only.

Each room carries an electrical load limit of approximately 10-15 amps. The electrical capacity within student rooms does not permit the use of any appliance rated over six amps (700 watts). For example, stereos, TVs, and small refrigerators each draw two to three amps. Refrigerators larger than 3.6 cubic feet and air conditioners are not permitted in residential facilities. Use of microwaves in student rooms is discouraged as microwaves are available in public kitchens.

Approved on July 31, 2006.

For: Students

Last Reviewed: September 15, 2014

Maintained by: Residential Life