Housing & Residential Living

Theft or Damage to Property

Attempted or actual theft of or damage to property is against College Policy. Students found responsible for theft and/or vandalism will face disciplinary consequences, including student status changes, restitution, and fines. The minimum fine for a first offense is $250. Additional violations of this rule will increase the fine amount, up to $1000.

The College is not responsible for the personal belongings of students. Students should lock their room doors and the outside doors of their houses. Do not let anyone “tailgate” or enter an outside entrance without a College OneCard. It is recommended that valuables, such as computers, be insured and the serial numbers recorded.  Residential Life provides information on how to obtain personal property insurance through a national insurance carrier.

Approved on July 31, 2007.

For: Students

Last Reviewed: August 18, 2020

Maintained by: Residential Life