Housing & Residential Living

Break and Summer Housing

Limited housing is available during the College’s winter and spring breaks for

  1. Students working at least 20 hours per week in an on-campus job with verification from employers.
  2. Athletic team members with authorization from the Athletic Department.
  3. Seniors working on comprehensive exercises with advisor verification.
  4. Students taking courses at St. Olaf.
  5. Students who live more than 450 miles away, including International Students with verification from Office of International and Intercultural Life
  6. Participants in approved campus sponsored groups with verification.

Students who wish to stay for Winter or Spring Breaks must reside in a hall designated for break housing or borrow a room from a student in a designated break housing hall.

Halls designated for break housing are decided in advance and are communicated through Room Draw Information with the Office of Residential Life.  All students who draw into designated Break Housing areas are required to allow their rooms to be used by students needing Break Housing. Storage is available to students who are required to let someone use their room and want to remove personal belongings.

Summer Break

Current full-time students who will be enrolled at Carleton during the next academic year and have a paid position at Carleton College which averages a minimum of 20-hours per week are eligible to live in College-owned housing for the summer.  Housing is assigned and space is limited.

Approved by Residential Life on June 21, 2005.

For: Students

Last Reviewed: March 25, 2019

Maintained by: Residential Life