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Keys for Student Residential Spaces

Carleton provides locks on all residential rooms.  Cassat, James, and Evans are equipped with an electronic door locking system which requires use a student’s OneCard. Student should carry their key and OneCard at all times.

Residents living in houses are issued room and outside door keys. Residents should  keep their rooms and the houses locked at all times.  Students living in Stimson, Wade and the Townhouses will use their OneCard to gain access to their exterior door through an electronic system.

When entering a door that has the electronic locking system, please be certain not to let others “tailgate” in with you unless you know they are authorized to be in the building. If someone insists on coming in without authorization, contact Security Services. 

To maintain the security of our buildings, students should disable their OneCard if it is lost or stolen.

If You Lose Your Room or House Key
If you lose your room key or house key, Residential Life can issue you a temporary key by visiting the office at Sevy G10. A temporary key can be use for up to 3 days, allowing you time to look for the key(s). If you lose your key after regular business hours, contact your Resident Assistant or another Resident Assistant in your area who can let you into your room. Visit the Residential Life office the next business day to get a temporary key.

If you have not found your room or/or house key(s) after three days, a new lock is put on your door. A room lock replacement will be billed to your student account at a cost of $40. A house exterior replacement will be billed to your student account $100. You and any roommates or housemates will be issued new keys and will need to return any old keys.

For: Students

Last Reviewed: August 14, 2020

Maintained by: Residential Life