Housing & Residential Living

Maintenance and Cleaning

The College provides custodial services for the public areas of each residence hall including common student bathrooms, hallways, lounges, and kitchens on a daily basis Monday through Friday. Limited weekend services, such as emptying trash, restocking bathrooms, and checking lounges and hallways,are also provided. All residents of a floor/house/hall are billed for damages or extra cleaning. See Conditions of Occupancy for details.

Private areas are the responsibility of the occupants. Private areas include: the student rooms or apartments (including the Village Apartments), private bathrooms or private living spaces (i.e., spaces that can be entered only by going through a private room or is part of a private area). Custodial Services staff do routine cleanliness checks during the breaks and, if necessary, clean private areas. Charges will be assessed for any private area that requires cleaning during a break or at the end of the year.

College-owned, house common areas such as kitchens, lounges, stairwells, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and porches are cleaned on a weekly basis. All other spaces in houses are the responsibility of the occupants.

A resident who needs a repair due to a breakdown or malfunction should submit a Facilities Work Request (FWR). Located online, the FWRs are used to expedite repairs. Each repair requires a separate request form. For emergency repairs after working hours, contact Security Services. The right to inspect or repair rooms at times convenient to the College or its authorized agents is unconditionally reserved by the College. (See Governance and Student Privacy Section)

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