Health & Safety

Slacklines & Hammocks

Carleton College works to provide a safe environment and protect College property. Slacklines and hammocks can be dangerous if installed inappropriately or left unattended. They can also damage trees if installed for an extended period of time or attached to small branches. Any slackline or hammock installed without approval or found unattended will be removed and discarded. For additional information, please contact Carleton’s Grounds Manager in the Facilities Office.

Participants assume the risk of injuries associated with slacklining or installing hammocks on College property. Risks of injuries include, but are not limited to, injuries sustained falling from the slackline/hammock (e.g., broken bones, fractures, concussions, dislocations, sprains, etc.), injuries sustained installing or removing the slackline/hammock, (e.g., rope burns, lacerations, broken bones, dislocations, sprains, etc.) and injuries sustained as an observer or casual participant.

Guidelines for installing slacklines and hammocks:

  • Must be removed daily and cannot be left up overnight
  • Remove when unattended
  • Must be installed in a “mowed area” where grass is mowed, brush is cleared, or vegetation is otherwise managed to delineate a space
  • Attach to mature trees:
    • Trees used must be at least 12” in diameter at the point a slackline or hammock is attached
    • Use solid straps at least 1” in diameter to secure the slackline/hammock
    • If the tree bark shows damage, additional padding may be required for the strap
  • Hang only one slackline/hammock per tree:
    • “Stacking” (more than one hammock on top of each other) and “wheel spokes” (multiple hammocks tied to one tree and set-up in different directions) are not allowed.
  • Slacklines must not exceed 3’ off the ground
  • Hammocks must not exceed 4’ off the ground at its center
  • Standing on a hammock is prohibited

Last Revised: September 12, 2011

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