College Governance

Procedures for Investigating Reports of Discrimination or Harassment

Below are the Procedures for Investigating Reports of Discrimination or Harassment. These procedures do not apply to allegations of sexual misconduct; those allegations are addressed by the separate Sexual Misconduct Procedures.


The College will investigate all reports of a violation of the College’s Statement of Non-Discrimination. Reports to the Designated Person or Title IX Coordinator initially may be made orally or in writing, though all reporters will be required to describe the bases for the report in writing or to confirm the accuracy of a written statement of the report to be investigated. The appropriate Designated Person (depending on whether the report was made by a student, faculty member or other employee or visitor) will be responsible for coordinating the investigation.

Both parties will be given the opportunity to present evidence and to discuss their perspectives regarding the reported incident(s). To the extent possible consistent with College’s commitment to perform a full and fair investigation and to take appropriate remedial action, if needed, the College will keep the complaint and investigation confidential. In evaluating whether the investigation establishes a violation, the College will apply the preponderance of evidence standard (i.e. whether the investigation indicates that it is more likely than not that the College’s Statement of Non-Discrimination was violated).

The Designated Person or a designee will provide both parties with periodic updates regarding the progress of the investigation and written notice of the outcome. The College will typically complete its investigation within 45 days of receiving the report. If the College’s Statement of Nondiscrimination was violated, the College will take action to stop the harassment, prevent its recurrence and assist persons affected by the violation. The College will take prompt disciplinary action against any employee or student found to have violated the College’s Statement of Non-Discrimination. Examples of possible discipline include written warning, suspension, probation, expulsion and termination of employment.


Both the reporting party and the person alleged to have committed the violation may appeal the outcome of the investigation on either or both of the following bases: 1) relevant new information not available during the investigation, that would have substantially impacted the final decision; or 2) sanctions that are substantially inconsistent with past institutional responses and College policy.

Appeals will be decided by a Designated Person not involved in the investigation that is the subject of the appeal, selected by the College. For example, appeal of a decision regarding a student report will be decided by the Designated Person for faculty reports or the Designated Person for reports by other employees or visitors.

Appeals must be made in writing to the appropriate Designated Person responsible for coordinating the investigation within 14 calendar days of receipt of the outcome of the investigation. A Party’s right to appeal is contingent upon that Party’s good faith cooperation with the investigation. Appeals generally will be decided within 21 calendar days.

Retaliation Prohibited

The College prohibits retaliation against any person who reports in good faith a violation of this Statement or who participates in good faith in the investigation of a report. Any person who retaliates against an individual in violation of the policy will be disciplined, including possible expulsion or termination of employment.

Assistance From the Office of Accessibility Services

A student or employee may request assistance during the investigation and/or resolution process from the Office of Accessibility Services if needed.

Responsible Persons

All Deans, Associate Deans, Department Chairs, Directors, Associate Directors, House Managers, and the Director of the Office of Accessibility Services are required to report promptly incidents of discrimination and harassment to the appropriate Designated Persons.
Please note that incidents involving violations of the College’s Policy Against Sexual Misconduct should be reported as provided in that policy.

Record Retention

Records regarding reports and investigations of alleged violations of this Statement will be retained by the College for seven years. The Title IX Coordinator will be advised of all reports of violations of the College’s Statement of Non-Discrimination and of the outcomes of the investigations.

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