Carleton College provides a level of insurance protection for employees, students, and College organizations acting on behalf of the College.  College coverage does not extend to persons acting on their own or acting outside of the scope of their relationship with the College.  The coverage provided by the College is not a replacement for, but rather, a supplement to their own coverage.

Liability Protection

Carleton College insurance policies address claims and suits as follows:

  1. Instructors, teachers, professors, and all salaried employees of the College are protected by the College liability insurance against claims for injury occurring anywhere in the world, brought against them by anyone, provided they were acting within the scope of their duties for the College at the time of the injury.  Exceptions are claims arising out of the use of motor vehicles (see 2 below) and claims brought by another College employee who is acting within the scope of his or her employment. 
  2. All employees, all students, and all other persons are protected by the College automobile liability insurance for injury claims brought against them arising out of their use of a College owned automobile or a hired automobile, provided the College has given permission for such use and the use is within the scope of such permission.  The listing of Approved Drivers can be found at Dropbox-Buso-Campus Departmental Reporting-Approved Drivers-Shared and the Driving Privileges policy can be found in the handbook.
  3. Faculty and staff traveling internationally on College business and students on Off-Campus programs, are covered for emergency assistance through Cultural Insurance Services International. CISI provides medical referrals, evacuation assistance, and a wide range of travel assistance. Please notify the Purchasing and Risk Manager, through the International Travel Record before leaving. Faculty traveling with students should include student information in their communication so the coverage can be added for the students. Travelers wishing to travel to countries on the US State Department Warning list, need to contact the Purchasing and Risk Manager at x4178 to ensure that insurance is not excluded for travel to these countries.
  4. Beyond the protection set forth in 1, 2 and 3 above, employees and students have to rely on their own individually purchased insurance for protection.  In particular, employees, students, or others using their personal or a borrowed automobile (i.e., not a College-owned or hired automobile) on College business are not protected by College automobile liability insurance in the event that a claim is made against them, they must rely on their own or the automobile owner’s insurance. Only the College itself is protected against claims arising out of use of such non-owned automobiles.

Protection, beyond College insurance policies:

  1. The College requires evidence that buses and vans contracted for transportation are insured. Please have the vendor e-mail a Certificate of Insurance listing Carleton College as additional insured to the Risk Manager.
  2. The State of MN requires every motor vehicle which is operated on the public roads, streets and highways in Minnesota must be covered by proper no-fault and liability insurance.
  3. Carleton College requires general liability insurance for all approved “third parties” to use College facilities for specific events. If the ”third party” in unable to obtain general liability insurance on their own, they can purchase coverage through the University Risk Management and Insurance Association’s TULIP Program (Tenants’ and Users’ Liability Insurance Policy, also known as “Events Coverage”).

Vendor Insurance

  1. Vendors providing service shall procure and maintain Worker’s Compensation Insurance as required by law and Commercial General Liability Insurance with a limit of liability of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence and $3,000,000 aggregate. The Vendor shall provide a Certificate of Insurance listing Carleton College as the additional insured on the General Liability policy as our interests apply prior to commencing its work using ISO Form 2010, edition date 11/85 or its equivalent.  Certificates of insurance and hold-harmless agreements should be on file with the Business Office, and if required, verified with the vendor before commencement of the work or event in question.
  2. Contact the Risk Manager at 507-222-4178 to request a Certificate of Insurance for an outside party.  Provide the full name and address of the party, their fax number, the event name and date, any coverage or limit requirements and any additional insured requirements. 
  3. Any vendor demonstrating or loaning to the College a product, machinery, equipment, or a vehicle shall provide evidence of insurance covering damage to and loss of destruction of that property while in our care, custody, or control.
  4. Carleton has contracted with Bon Appétit to provide alcohol service on the Carleton campus.  Bon Appétit has applied for and been granted a Minnesota Liquor License and must provide the college with evidence of liquor liability insurance coverage.
  5. Sponsors of events on Carleton College property may be required to provide certificates of insurance and/or hold-harmless agreements. Additional information about certificates of insurance for vendors and others coming to campus can be found on the Business Office website.

Employee Insurance

  1. Carleton employees have access to a significant portfolio of insurance through the Carleton employee benefit program.  Please reference the Employee Handbook for additional information
  2. Employees should have their own personal liability coverage to protect against risks involved in acts which might not be judged to be in the course of or pursuant to the normal duties or behavior of persons in their position.  This coverage is readily available and its cost is not exorbitant.

Student Insurance

  1. All enrolled students must carry health insurance.  Students, who do not, through their parents or otherwise, have health insurance, must enroll in the Student Injury & Sickness Plan through Wellfleet Insurance Company. Coverage runs for one year beginning August 15. Coverage must be renewed on an annual basis.
  2. Student athletes participating in intercollegiate or club sports at Carleton College must be covered under an insurance policy that will cover sports-related injuries.
  • The NCAA requires varsity athletes participating in intercollegiate athletics to carry athletic injury insurance of at least $90,000. Check with your current insurance company to make sure you have the required $90,000 coverage for athletic injuries. To acknowledge you have athletic injury insurance of at least $90,000, complete the required Sports Participation Agreement and Injury Insurance Acknowledgment Form online.
  • Varsity athletes who do not have athletic injury insurance of at least $90,000 must purchase the Student Injury and Sickness Insurance Plan. ACKNOWLEDGEMENT OF ATHLETIC INSURANCE MUST BE COMPLETED BEFORE ATHLETES ARE ALLOWED TO PRACTICE.
  1. Students should remove or otherwise take actions to protect their personal property left in College buildings over breaks.  Everyone is responsible for maintaining adequate safeguards for an insurance coverage of their personal property.  Employees, or parents in the case of students, should consider coverage under their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. More information is available at GradGuard.

Property Insurance

Carleton College does not maintain fire, theft, or damage insurance coverage for the personal property of faculty, staff, students, or guests. The theft or damage of items left in storage on College property is not the responsibility of the College.  College personnel are not authorized to extend coverage for personal property without the written consent of the Vice President & Treasurer or Comptroller.

Further insurance information may be found on the Business Office website.

Please direct questions to the Purchasing and Risk Manager, X4178

Last Revised: August 13, 2018

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