This section provides an overview of many benefits available to faculty and staff. In the event of conflict between the overview provided in this handbook and the plan document or insurance plan, the plan document or insurance plan will govern. Complete descriptions are not possible in the handbook; employees should contact Human Resources for specific plan details. The Labor Agreement governs in the case of Union employees in all aspects of this section. Regular non-union employees who have a schedule involving a (.46) FTE or above, and Union employees who have a (.50) FTE or above are eligible to participate in the College‚Äôs benefit programs.

Carleton College will comply with all applicable laws such as ACA, FMLA, federal, state, and any applicable regulations.

Employment & Benefits

Enrollment in Course of Instruction

The College will waive tuition charges for benefit eligible staff employees who enroll as special students for one course per academic term at Carleton. The employee must first have Human Resources validate the form indicating benefit eligibility before securing the approval of the Registrar during the first week of the term. The employee should then seek the approval of their supervisor and the course instructor. The supervisor or department head may not be able to grant approval depending on operational requirements, but is urged to do so if at all possible. Course hours are unpaid and missed work time must be made up.

For: Staff

Last Reviewed: December 1, 2021

Maintained by: Human Resources