Student Organizations and Groups

“Organization” means a collection of students who are recognized as such by the CSA Senate, having complied with the requirements set by the Senate for recognition, including (but not limited to) furnishing a list of officers and developing and abiding by a budget (for those organizations that seek CSA funding), and providing a statement of aims and purposes.

“Group” means a collection of students who have not complied with the requirements for becoming an organization, but who seek to act in concert for some defined purpose.

Student organizations and groups may be established within the College for any legal purpose. Affiliation with a legal extramural organization shall not, in itself, disqualify the College branch or chapter from College privileges.

A group shall become an organization when formally recognized by the CSA Senate. The Dean of Students reserves the right to review and modify such decisions of the CSA Senate. Upon recognition of an organization, the CSA Senate shall make clear that said recognition implies neither approval nor disapproval of the aims, objectives, or policies of the organization.

Each College-related organization shall clearly state its aims, the obligation of its members, and its selection criteria. Those criteria and obligations must be consistent with the organization’s aims.

Any organization which engages in illegal activities, violates its constitution or aims, or adversely affects the College’s maintenance of a residential, educational community, may have sanctions imposed against it by the CSA Senate, including withdrawal of the CSA Senate recognition. Sanctions imposed by the CSA Senate are subject to review by the College Council.

The CSA Senate shall have the authority to allocate College funds derived from student fees for use by organizations. Only organizations (as opposed to groups) may receive College funds on a continuing basis. A group that continues must meet standards for organization.
Every organization shall submit a statement of income and expenses (budget) to the CSA Senate on a regular basis, but not less than annually. Approval of requests for funds is conditioned upon submission of such budget to, and approval of such budget by, the CSA Senate.

Departure from an organization’s approved budget may be cause for the CSA Senate to impose sanctions. The College reserves the right to take action where funds are being allocated inappropriately by the CSA Senate or used inappropriately by an organization.

No organization, group, or individual may use the College’s name without the express authorization of the College Council except to identify the institutional affiliation. College approval or disapproval of any policy may not be stated or implied by an individual, group, or organization.

Membership lists of any group or organization will be available to College authorities in the ordinary pursuit of their duties. In addition, the names and addresses of officers shall be required as a condition for access to College funds. However, membership lists will not be released outside the College without the consent of the organization or group. The lists of officers and, where appropriate, the members of organizations will be kept and released by the Director of Student Activities.

College facilities and services may be used by organizations, groups, and individuals within the College for regular business meetings, for social programs, and for programs open to the public. The Student Activities office works in conjunction with the CSA Senate and all student groups and organizations, in planning programs, helping to raise funds, and supervising contractual relationships with off-campus organizations . The Campus Services office is responsible for scheduling the use of College buildings.

Last Revised: October 30, 2008

Adopted by the Board of Trustees June 17, 1993, upon recommendation of the College Council.

Revised October 2008

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