Student Publications

“Student press” means either a student organization whose primary purpose is to publish and distribute any publication on campus or a regular publication of a student organization.

The student press is to be free of censorship. The editors and managers shall not be subject to disciplinary sanctions because of student, faculty, administration, alumni, or community disapproval of editorial policy or content. Similar freedom is assured oral statements of views on a College-controlled and student-operated radio or television station. However, any radio or television station will be subject to all applicable laws and regulations of the Federal Communications Commission. Compliance with FCC laws and regulations will be enforced by the Dean of Students.

All student press and broadcast communications shall explicitly state or report that the contents of editorial broadcasts are the responsibility of the editor or station manager and are not necessarily those of the College or its students.

Any student, group, or organization may distribute written material on campus without prior approval, providing such distribution does not disrupt the operations of the College. 

Adopted by the Board of Trustees June 17, 1993, upon recommendation of the College Council.

For: Students

Last Reviewed: August 29, 2023

Maintained by: Dean of Students Office