Faculty Expectations Regarding Time on Campus and Participation in Campus Events

Given the complexity of faculty lives and the variety of faculty work, clearly articulating faculty values is important and should be helpful to new and experienced faculty alike.

Class Meetings and Off-Campus Engagements

The Faculty Handbook includes a specific policy about off-campus engagements and the extent to which they can impinge on class meetings. Because this is not as well known as it should be, we repeat it here.

Faculty members may undertake off-campus engagements at their discretion provided these do not involve 1) more than three days in a month; or 2) missing more than one class meeting per course per term for reasons unconnected with illness. Off-campus activities at a level above 1) or 2) require approval of the department chair and the provost. Such activities will be permitted if they can be performed without compromising the faculty member’s on-campus responsibilities.

Important Community Events

There are a few annual events where faculty attendance is important.  Except when faculty are on leave or when there are compelling personal or professional reasons for not attending, participating in the following events should be understood as part of a faculty member’s responsibilities.

  • Faculty retreat
  • Opening convocation
  • Honors convocation
  • Graduation activities, including parent reception and commencement

In addition, given the importance of shared governance at Carleton, faculty attendance is expected at the monthly faculty meetings.

General presence on campus

The expectation is that full-time faculty not on sabbatical will typically be on campus a minimum of four days per week when classes are in session. Some faculty find that setting aside one research day per week away from campus works well. Still, faculty who choose that approach should be flexible enough to respond to scheduling difficulties and other occasional responsibilities that come up requiring their presence on campus. For example, it may be very hard to schedule department meetings or other events if everyone in a department tries to maintain an unalterable research day.


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