Staff Relations-Student & Inter-Departmental

Inter-departmental Staff Relations

Employees of the College by their actions and attitudes do much to interpret the College to the general public. Each year many visitors to the College depend on employees for information and assistance in locating persons or places on campus. Visitors frequently comment about the friendly way they are welcomed as they arrive at Carleton, and it is hoped that the good name of the College will continue to be improved by such courteous treatment of guests. In answering questions and giving directions, it should be kept in mind that the online campus directory is an excellent source of information regarding people, departments, and places on the campus. Those with whom the public comes in contact personally and over the telephone have an added responsibility to be pleasant and courteous in their attitude and conversations. Many times the institution is judged in a positive or negative way by the manner in which an employee greets a visitor on the campus or by the inflection of a voice over the telephone. Please keep in mind that the character and personality of an institution can only be expressed through those who work for it, and one individual’s actions may account for a lasting impression of the College.

The friendly way we treat visitors should also be reflected to our co-workers. We should treat each other civilly and respectfully. Non-courteous behavior should be reported to the supervisor.

Staff- Student Relations

Everything one can say about the importance of good public relations applies with equal force and emphasis to the interaction we have with students during the course of our regular activities on campus. Any employee with whom a student has contact is in a position to contribute to that student’s education in a real and possibly important way.

The majority of our contacts with students are interesting and rewarding as student enthusiasm “rubs off.” It is ultimately to our advantage to remain courteous, non-argumentative, and calm – not always easy to do. As part of the College’s extensive student work study program, most staff interact daily with students as employees in nearly all College departments. Bear in mind, though, that more than anyone else, the student is the “customer, client, and public” all rolled into one, and in the final analysis his or her existence is the only justification for our work at Carleton College.


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