Gifts on Behalf of the College

Gifts on behalf of the College to individuals are appropriate in a limited number of circumstances. Carleton College seeks to recognize individuals in an equitable manner with respect to use of College funds while complying with relevant federal guidelines.

Upon a request, Division of Communications staff will order a plant or floral arrangement on behalf of the College be sent to a memorial service, funeral, or to the home of an employee upon notification of the death of an employee, Carleton retiree, or the death of an employee’s spouse, child, or parent. This policy does not cover the loss of an employee’s siblings or in-laws.

Please notify the Division of Communications of a death in an employee’s immediate family including details such as the name and address of the employee, memorial service or funeral arrangements and date of death. Note if there is a preference for a plant or floral arrangement. The Communications staff appreciates your contact since your notification is the only means they have of learning of a death of a family member.

There are many other occasions, such as promotions, hospital stays or birth of a child which are suitable for giving flowers or gifts. These occasions occur frequently and the expense to the College of contributing to all of these requests would be large. Therefore, flowers and gifts for events other than those listed in the paragraph above should be considered a personal expense for those in a department who wish to contribute

Gift certificates and gift cards no matter how small their value are considered income by the IRS, and should be avoided. 

Last Revised: April 9, 2020

For: Faculty, Staff

Last Reviewed: January 2, 2023

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