Civic Duty

Jury Duty, Election Judging, American Red Cross

Regular employees called to jury duty or who serve as a volunteer as an Election Judge or for the American Red Cross will retain all rights and privileges as College employees while on such duty. Therefore, the College will supplement pay so that in total, employees will receive 100% of their regular salary. If paid for their services, employees are required to turn in the check they receive to the cashier in the Business Office. Employees may keep the portion of the check received for mileage. American Red Cross employees who have been requested to be certified disaster service volunteers, with the authorization of the employee’s supervisor, may be granted a leave not to exceed ten working days in each fiscal year. The amount of Civic Duty pay is calculated based on the employee’s budgeted weekly hours.  Employees must notify their immediate supervisor at least two weeks prior to their need to use this leave. Questions on eligibility should be directed to Human Resources.

Subpoenaed Employee

An employee subpoenaed to appear on behalf of the College in court during work hours will be paid for his or her normal scheduled work hours.  Time off for subpoenas by other entities is unpaid; however, a staff member may use accrued vacation or floating holiday time to cover the absence.


Employees who are not able to vote outside of their work hours are permitted paid leave for the time necessary to appear at the employee’s polling place, cast a ballot, and return to work on the day of the election. Elections covered are state primaries, general elections, United States Senator/Representative or State Senator/Representative.

Hours used for the above should be noted in Workday Web Time Entry as Civic Duty under the Time Off drop down.

Last Revised: July 13, 2012

For: Staff

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