Grievance Procedures for Staff

Carleton College wishes to provide an enjoyable, productive, legal and ethical work environment.  The College encourages employees, which includes student employees, to raise concerns regarding their employment/workplace and to bring any grievances on policy violation/inappropriate conduct on the part of the company, management, its employees, vendors, customers, or any other persons related to the college, to your supervisor and, if necessary, to Human Resources or the Vice President/Treasurer. Retaliation as a response to such a report will not be tolerated.

A concern may be brought forward either informally or formally.

Informally: Many concerns can be resolved through open discussion between the parties or the employee may initiate the concern to the supervisor, explaining the nature of the concern and the resolution sought. If an employee is reluctant to discuss the matter with the supervisor, he/she may seek the advice of Human Resources. If an oral response is provided to the employee, a written record of the response should be documented. If the informal procedure does not resolve the grievance, and the employee wishes to continue the matter, the employee may proceed with a more formal procedure, preferably within one month of its occurrence and no later than 6 months as a prolonged delay in reporting can further complicate the matter.

Formally: A concern or grievance can also be reported in writing (indicate the problem, persons involved, and any suggested solution you may have to the problem) to your supervisor or Human Resources. If need be written grievance may be provided to the VP/Treasurer. Although the College cannot promise that your grievance will result in the action you request or that you will be completely satisfied with the outcome, the College will consider all aspects and act in a fair and appropriate manner. The complaint will be taken into consideration and investigated if deemed necessary. If it is determined that further action is warranted, the College will take appropriate corrective action. Confidentiality will be maintained during the investigation to the fullest extent possible, consistent with the need to conduct a thorough investigation. The employee making the complaint will be advised of the results of the investigation to the extent appropriate under the circumstances.

In addition, Grievance procedures for:

Faculty – Faculty Handbook

Sexual Misconduct – Community section of the Staff Handbook

Union employees – Union Contract Agreement

Anti-Retaliation Policy

The College encourages its employees to make grievance reports of College-related misconduct. Retaliation as a response to such a report will not be tolerated. Retaliation, whether actual or threatened, destroys a sense of community and trust that is central to a quality work environment.

No employee will be disciplined or otherwise retaliated against for reporting alleged misconduct.

Any employee who believes he or she may have been subject to retaliation for making a complaint should report the suspected retaliation as outlined in the Grievance Procedure. Employees determined to have engaged in retaliatory behavior will be subject to discipline, up to and including termination.


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