Release of Constituent/Alumni Information

Contact the Following Offices with Questions:

  • Alumni: Alumni Relations x4205
  • Students: Registrar x4289
  • International  Students: International Life x4013
  • Parents: Central Records x4195
  • Staff: Human Resources x4830
  • Faculty: Provost Office x4303

Alumni (Note: refers to both graduates and non-graduates)

Carleton College will release “directory” information (addresses, phones, e-mail, class year) only to alumni. Before responding, staff must refer to Advance database to determine if there is an alert on the alum’s record.

Carleton College will respect the wishes of all alumni who request that no directory information be released about them to anyone. Staff receiving such requests should forward the directive to Central Records staff for appropriate action.

No information regarding alumni will be given to non-alumni unless:

  1. it is official government business;
  2. another educational institution requests such information to locate one of their alumni; or,
  3. a non-alum sends to the Alumni Relations or Central Records offices a note, fax or e-mail message that includes the non-alum’s name and mailing address. Staff will forward the message to the alum in question. Contact with the non-alum then will be at the initiative of the alum.

Requests by an alum for a large number of addresses should be submitted in writing and will be fulfilled at the discretion of the Director of Alumni Relations.

To protect alumni from unwanted business solicitations or from a large amount of inappropriate contact, no class, geographic, professional or other lists will be distributed unless:

  1. the alum is serving the College in an approved volunteer capacity (i.e., as a club chair, class agent, admissions representative, reunion committee volunteer or careers coordinator);
  2. as part of alumni career networking under the direction of the Director of the Career Center; or,
  3. with the permission of the Director of Alumni Relations.

Information release restrictions determined by an alum for any and all online alumni directories will apply to all print alumni directories.

Constituent information will not be sent to non-staff. All special mailings to alumni must be approved by the Director of Alumni Relations. Upon approval, labels should be requested from Development Information Systems (x4496).

Reports are for internal use only by members of the division of External Relations and other staff and volunteers as deemed appropriate by External Relations. They may not be shared without prior authorization.  

College volunteers should receive only the prospect and donor information they need to perform their College-related duties.


Carleton College will refrain from disclosing any personally identifiable information contained in a student’s education records, except certain information that may be revealed with the consent of the students or as otherwise permitted by law.

Carleton specifically reserves the right to disclose “directory information” to any party without a student’s consent. “Directory information” includes information contained in an education record of a student which would not generally be considered harmful or an invasion of privacy if disclosed.

It includes:

  • a student’s name
  • permanent and local college addresses
  • all telephone numbers of record
  • date and place of birth
  • major or minor field of study or concentration
  • participation in officially recognized activities and sports
  • weight and height of members of athletic teams
  • dates of attendance
  • degrees and awards received
  • most recent previous school attended
  • photograph
  • class year
  • e-mail address

Students nonetheless have a right to request that directory information be kept confidential. Such a request should be signed by the student and submitted in writing to the Dean of Students. (Adopted by the board of Trustees, June 17, 1993, upon recommendation of the College Council.) Before responding to requests for student directory information, staff must refer to the Colleague database or the online Campus Directory to determine if information can be released.

For detailed information on Carleton’s policy for the release of education records to third parties visit the Dean of Students website.

Questions about international students should be directed to the Office of International Life (x4013).

Current and Past Parents

No information regarding parents of current and former students is to be released. Please contact the Assistant Vice President for Alumni and Parent Relations with questions (x4734).


Upon request, you may provide:

  • job title
  • on-campus telephone number
  • Carleton e-mail address

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