Academic Regulations & Procedures


This section is offered as a summary of registration procedures and is subject to change. Detailed information on the registration process as well as on basic registration policies is available online via the Registration link on the Registrar’s homepage.

Fall term registration for new students will be conducted during the summer. This is the first opportunity for new students to register. Most returning students will have registered in May.

Registration for winter and spring terms, as well as for fall term of the following year, will typically be conducted over a two-week period during the latter part of each term. Failure to register for or to attend classes by the end of the first week of the following term will be regarded as withdrawal from the College. You are required to discuss your registration with your adviser prior to registration.

If any part of a student’s account in the Business Office is delinquent, the student will not be permitted to register unless arrangements are made to settle this account with the Business Office. Registration may also be held by the Registrar, Office of the Dean of Students, The Wellness Center, the Writing Program, and the Academic Standing Committee. When all holds are settled, the student will be permitted to proceed. The earliest time to register will be as specified in the “Schedule of Classes.” A student may register at a later time than scheduled, within published deadlines.

All of these steps must also be taken by proxy registrants in order to complete a registration by proxy. (See proxy registration.)

Drop/Add changes can be made on the Hub through the 10 week course drop/add deadline. After the drop/add deadline, late drop, S/CR/NC, and Independent Study/Research/Reading forms are available as online forms on the Registrar’s website.

Students will register for physical education courses the same way they do for other courses.

Priority for registration is in order of class year. Priority within class year will be determined by a program designed for random selection.

“Sophomore Priority” in the schedule means students will be allowed to register for a course in the following order: sophomores, first-year students, seniors, juniors. A senior or junior wanting to register for such a course should waitlist for the upperclass waitlist (WL) section only. They may then register for the course if space is available upon receipt of permission from the Registrar’s Office. A junior or senior who needs a particular sophomore priority course for graduation should talk with their adviser.

Wait lists are formed after a class section fills (i.e., closes). Wait lists provide priority information for accepting students into a class if space becomes available. Waitlisted students should check with the instructor to determine if they may be permitted to enroll in a class; the instructor will inform the Registrar’s Office of any such permissions.  The Registrar’s Office will then notify the student via email, informing the student that they have one day to register for the course; it isthe student’s responsibilitytoregister for the coursevia the Hub.

Any student who fails to attend the first two classes in a course for which there is a wait list and who has not otherwise contacted the faculty member by the end of the second class to confirm enrollment will be officially dropped from the course if a signed request from the instructor is received by the registrar before the end of the first week of classes.

See also academic load, class attendance, drop/add, proxy registration, and registration changes.

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