Academic Regulations & Procedures

End of Term Deadlines

While faculty members may establish earlier deadlines for the work in their courses, students are to have all work completed and submitted for a course not later than the end of the official examination schedule for that term (or the last day of the course if it is neither a ten-week nor second five-week course). Late work is not to be graded. Work may extend beyond the end of the exam schedule only if an “EXT” (extension granted) has been approved by an associate dean of students or an associate dean of the college.

This policy is intended to set an outside limit on the time allowed to complete course work and provide a degree of fairness among students. While the quality of a student’s work may improve if given additional time, it is also important to maintain a common framework of time available to all students. If special circumstances seem to warrant additional time for an individual, the student or faculty member should request and receive approval for an “EXT” before any extended time is provided.

See also examinations, “ext”–extension granted.

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Last Reviewed: September 9, 2021

Maintained by: Office of the Provost