Academic Regulations & Procedures


The requirements for minors are outlined in the Academic Catalog.

A minor represents either an integrated disciplinary or an interdisciplinary program of study. Disciplinary minors recognize the student’s acquisition of in-depth knowledge of a single discipline; interdisciplinary minors recognize the completion of a program of study that links and integrates multiple academic disciplines.

A minor is an optional element of a student’s academic program and is not required for graduation. Minors will therefore not be considered grounds for a thirteenth term or exceptions to academic regulations nor may a minor be completed out of residency.

A student can declare a minor at any time between the second week of their 6th term and the second week of their 10th term at Carleton.  Normally a student may not fulfill more than half the credits for a minor from the courses counted toward their major or majors and may not major and minor in the same discipline. For a course to count towards a minor, a grade of C- or better must be earned; these courses cannot be taken on an elective S/Cr/NC basis. Departments or programs may make exceptions if appropriate.

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