Academic Regulations & Procedures

Class Attendance

It is expected that students attend classes. While attendance at classes is the responsibility of the student, who will be held accountable for any missed work, instructors are also requested to inform an associate dean of students when a student’s attendance record gives cause for concern. The Academic Standing Committee (ASC) may, on occasion, require regular class attendance of a student on academic review.

Any student who fails to attend the first two classes in a course for which there is a wait list and who has not otherwise contacted the faculty member by the end of the second class to confirm enrollment will be officially dropped from the course if a signed request from the instructor is received by the Registrar by the end of the first week of class. This faculty prerogative does not relieve a student of final responsibility for proper registration.

Any student who fails to register for a minimum of twelve credits and attend classes prior to the end of the first week of the term may be withdrawn from the College.

See also registration.

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Last Reviewed: September 9, 2021

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