Academic Regulations & Procedures

Reading Days

Reading Days provide time for significant review and study before the start of final examinations. The guidelines for Reading Days are intended to promote an academic value that is parallel to a scheduled class day. Reading Days are intended to be “unscheduled” to provide time for students to pursue academic work which is most appropriate for them.

The following are considered appropriate activities for students on Reading Days:

  1. Reading and review of course material in preparation for the final examination.
  2. Work on a term paper or project that is being done in lieu of taking a final exam. (See examinations.)
  3. Work begun prior to Reading Days to be turned in during finals as the final project, i.e., a take-home final. (See examinations for rules on take-home finals.)
  4. For laboratory courses, an informal equipment “check-in” session may be scheduled at convenient times.

College policy regarding examinations and take-home final examinations remains as stated elsewhere in this handbook.

The following are not appropriate activities for Reading Days:

  1. Formal class meetings.
  2. Exams.
  3. Having written assignments due.
  4. Required review sessions.
  5. Additional reading assignments.

In addition, there should be no required college committee meetings or Carleton scheduled required extracurricular events.

See also examinations and end of term deadlines.

For: Faculty Students,

Last Reviewed: September 9, 2021

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