Academic Regulations & Procedures

St. Olaf Courses

A cooperative arrangement between St. Olaf and Carleton permits some inter-registration. A maximum of one course per semester may be taken at St. Olaf when an equivalent course is not offered at Carleton. Carleton students may not register for a St. Olaf interim or summer course. In addition, independent study is not an option under the inter-registration agreement.

Carleton students registering for these courses should observe the St. Olaf drop/add deadlines published on the St. Olaf Registrar’s website and note that they are subject to a fee for late or incorrect inter-registrations.

Registration is accomplished by means of a form obtained from the Carleton Registrar’s Office. Permission of the instructors, the chairs of the departments, the adviser, and the registrars of both colleges is required. St. Olaf credits count toward the total credit load for the term and grades obtained are used in the calculation of grade point averages. Carleton students are not allowed to participate in Carleton/St. Olaf inter-registration while on leave.

For: Faculty, Students

Last Reviewed: September 9, 2021

Maintained by: Office of the Provost